Yoga Excuses

My guess is that out of ALL of you (you know who you are), I would win MVP of The Yoga Excusers.  Even right now, I am about to skip the only yoga class I could have made it to today, because instead I met my BFF for what turned out to be a very late lunch an hour away (we met in the middle), and we had dessert.  I’m stuffed to the point of vomiting, so I know that going would be a terrible decision.  Usually there’s a 7:30pm class too, but it’s Patriots Day (aka Marathon Monday) here in MA, so it’s holiday scheduling today.

Over the last two weeks, I haven’t gone at all.  I’m not getting my money’s worth.  It’s ridiculous.  And besides the money issue, I’ve been prioritizing life all wrong lately.  I’ve been going on terrible dates with terrible people (during yoga hours) to help get over a breakup. What saved me the last time from a terrible breakup?  FUCKING YOGA.  Not dating.  Yoga.  

So, I hereby vow to stop dating sub-par idiots, and start prioritizing my yoga practice.  My brain needs it, my body needs it, my LIFE needs it.  I will stop spending my weekends under the covers in a funk.  I will get up and go to class.  If I can haul ass after work and make it – even if I get out late and have to go to the 2nd-in-a-row-sweaty-smelly-class – then I’ll go.  I already have the gear in my car.  

I wish there were a way to be held accountable by ya’ll.  I’m not all that great at doing it myself, obviously.  

Funny side story, though – while I’m in surgery (I’m a veterinary surgery/anesthesia nurse), I practice standing on one locked leg to help try and get my balance back.  I started that this week.  :-)  I think it’s helping!  



3 responses to “Yoga Excuses

  1. I hear ya. I haven’t been since Wednesday. My plan is to go back tomorrow, Thursday and if I make it to one of the weekend days, I meet my 3 day goal :)

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