Fresh Outta Class = Pooped.

Good things have been happening.  I did rush after work to Tuesday’s class and made it to the smelly one (and good lord it was humid in there).  Though I wasn’t able to make it after work any other day this week, I *did* get up and go today instead of staying under the covers and catching up on sleep (slash wallowing) like I *have* been.  So yay!  And I have plans to hit tomorrow’s 2pm (with a teacher I don’t know), and again Monday’s 5:30pm.  

And I have a new set of coworkers who want to come with me.  I made them promise to come two days back-to-back to help with the soreness.  Scheduling won’t work out for a few weeks, but it’s in the works.  Yay again!

I’ve also had some dizziness in class when we’re on the floor – usually starts when we go from front-facing floor pose to then laying on our backs for Savasana, and then back and forth.  It’s scaring me.  I know it’s probably just allergies (it’s been awful here, and I need to get on a regular schedule of meds for that to help), but it scared me on Tuesday so by Half Tortoise I just stopped doing floor poses.  Today I was smarter and just motioned to the teacher that I was going to do belly-down Savasanas between poses to avoid too much inner-ear movement.  It helped in a major way – no more dizziness.  So I think I’m going to do that for a while until I get my allergies under control.  

So Tuesday:  Great things happened.  I was able to reach my ankle for Standing Bow.  God, I remember how that was so amazing to me when I first started out, because back then I was using a hand towel around my ankle.  I still can’t “charge forward,” but I’m standing on a locked knee (balance back!), holding my other ankle, with my arm in the air.  It was the best feeling in the world.  I didn’t give a shit that all around me there were people in the full expression of the pose.  I was pleased as punch to just be standing upright on one leg.  VICTORY IS MINE!  

Today:  Same thing, but even better.  I held Standing Head to Knee (with me basically just standing on one leg) for the entire time. Standing Bow was even better – I attempted to charge forward (bravery), then fell out, then just went back to holding my ankle.  I even rocked some balancing stick!  Also, for Full Locust, I could feel (for the first time, maybe ever) that only my hip bones were on the floor and I was looking at the ceiling.  

I should get some pics taken.  

Anyway, I’m having the best/shittiest practice ever and I’m feeling great about it.  I got off that one medication that was messing me up, my balance is coming back, I’ve got an option for the allergy dizzies so I don’t vomit everywhere…  Just sunshine and roses people.  

My goal has been 4 classes per week, and I’m going to make that goal this week for sure.  Basically I only have 4 yoga towels and 4 outfits and only one laundry day in my home with shared facilities.  The laundromats around here are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.  

Okay, my brain just stalled out.  I felt it happen.  I’mma go now.  :-)  



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