I’ve been going! Just not writing.

Mainly because the last three classes I’ve attended since writing my last post have all been exactly the same.  Balance-less, frustrating, and humbling.  I can’t stand on one leg anymore.  I’m literally back to the very beginning.  My floor series still rocks, but all the standing stuff is back to basics.  I know, I know, I’ll get it back (and it’ll come back quickly)… I’m just wallowing.  ;-)

I’m pooped.  Class used to energize me, but I’m back to just being exhausted and needing a nap afterwards.  

Hoping to hit up class tomorrow as well.  Fingers crossed for a breakthrough.




6 responses to “I’ve been going! Just not writing.

  1. When I first started I almost always needed a nap afterwards. And of course I STILL have those classes now and then. You’ll get it back. Enjoy it for what it is. :)

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