Gettin’ Better….

So I’d planned to go to Monday’s 5:30 class, but ended up taking an accidental nap and missed it. Oops!

I wasn’t able to make it to any of the rest of the week due to work.  All my weeknights were late and it was difficult to get out on time to get to even the latest class.  

Yesterday (Friday), my body was in severe pain everywhere, tight, tense, awful.  I left work an hour early (yay!), and as I was driving home, I was thinking “You can either go home and be in pain and eat your feelings, or you can drive straight to to the yoga studio (I’ve started keeping a yoga bag with towels/clothes in my car) and NOT be in pain in 90 minutes.”  There’s a point in my commute home that literally diverges into a Y…. left to yoga, right to home.  I hadn’t even decided until I felt myself steering left.  So I went, sat in the parking lot in agony for 20 minutes before the studio opened, knowing full well I could just turn the car back on and go home.  

So glad I didn’t.  SO GLAD.  Because I was right… I was in 95% less pain and emotional agony when I left.  

I discovered from my doctor that it likely *is* the new meds keeping me off balance (though I’m sure 6 months off from yoga didn’t help).  I didn’t take the med Thursday night and my practice was actually better on Friday.  I’m still weak on one leg, but it’s getting better.  

  • Warm Up:
    • Was in so much pain that the warm up was tragic.  Pranayama breathing HURT.  Half Moon sucked except for the backward bend and forward bend.  I couldn’t even do the rest of it.
  • Balancing:
    • Still just practicing standing on one locked knee.  I still fall over occasionally, but not like before.  My standing head to knee is just me on one leg, holding the other up (but I can hold it up higher now, and alllllmost keep balance for the whole time).  Standing Bow is the same thing.  Standing on one leg, with my leg bent behind me.  I can grab my foot but then fall over, so I’m just sticking with strengthening my quads.  Balancing Stick is getting a little better, but I only lean forward a few inches enough so that my back leg comes off the floor an inch or two… it’s all I can do.  But it’s miles from where I was a couple weeks ago.  
  • Other Standing
    • Doing okay.  Touched my forehead to the floor.  Did one set of Triangle and then fell over and lay down.  Did the other poses and then actually did first side, first set of tree, which was some kind of miracle.  I held it.  The other three… not at all.  Could just put my opposite foot on my standing calf.  Basics.
  • Floor
    • Those are going well.  The teach said my backbends are excellent, which is nice.  She also complimented my focus, which feels like the best compliment in the world.  :-)  
    • I’m even getting my elbows under my body more for Locust.  It will be YEARS before my hands touch under my belly.  Shit, I’ve even started doing Rabbit.  Modified, but at least I’m doing what I can.  

It’s so humbling to be back to the beginning.  I’m sure this is how people feel after they’ve had an injury.  I’m pissed and trying to be compassionate, but man, it’s hard.  I’ll get it back.  I’m unable to get there today, but I plan to go Sunday & Monday at the very least.  



3 responses to “Gettin’ Better….

  1. So glad you made it to class! I’m in pain right now, and I find it humbling. Helps me gain some perspective and compassion. I probably needed that. Hope it all gets back on track for you soon. :)

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