What 6 Months Off Will Do To You

Jesus.  Let’s just start there.  Je–sus.

I left work early on Thursday and had contemplated all day going to class.  I’ve needed it.  Things here have been pretty rough and I knew I needed to NOT go home and crawl into bed like I’ve been doing for a while now.  So I hauled ass so I could make it to the 4:30 (as we all know, I hate going to the 2nd class – too smelly, too juicy, too ick).

So because I’m in a bad place, and it’s hard to see through the tears, I’m just going to bullet point this shit:

  • It was hot in there.  I mean, I know it’s *always* hot in there, but it was like my first class all over again and it was fucking hot in there.
  • I didn’t start sweating until triangle.  How weird is that?  I was well-hydrated (that’s one thing I’ve kept up on), and there were electrolytes in my water, but… I was dry as a bone.  Weird.
  • Warm up series:
    • Pranayama was okay.  I didn’t loathe it this time, even though I’m *positive* the teacher made us do it 45 times in a row.
    • Half Moon – didn’t have to rest my arms.  They stayed over my head and that felt like a little victory.
    • Awkward – shaky legs.  Couldn’t do it.
    • Eagle – Again – shaky legs, could only stand there with my arms crossed awkwardly.
  • Balancing Series:
    • Let’s just say that I was 100% incapable of standing on one leg.  Whatever strength and balance I had acquired has dissipated.  I fell over and over and over and sometimes onto my neighbor’s mat simply from lifting one foot off the floor.  Unbelievable.  Part of me wonders if this is related to a new medication I’m on, which has made me bump into things and feel off-balance in general, but it was almost funny how back to basics I had to go.
  • Other Standing Stuff:
    • The bendy forward one felt amazing, but I was a bit dizzy so I only did one set and stood out the other.
    • I rocked triangle like nobody’s business and only stood out 1/4.  Teacher even gave me a personal shout out for that one.  Yay!  Triangle *is* my fave posture in case you didn’t know.
    • The other bendy forward one and tree were difficult because of the balance too.  I mean, I couldn’t do TREE.  Good lord.
  • Floor poses: During Savasana I apologized quietly to my neighbor for being all over the place during standing series (and sharing her mat with her on occasion).  She’s a regular and knew me from before and said it’s hard when you come back, and not to worry about it.  She was so gracious.
    • Not much to say here.  They all went pretty well, other than the normal things I can’t do (Floor Bow, 3rd part of Lotus, and Rabbit.
    • My belly was too soft during final breathing.  I could tell I’ve lost some ground there.

Highlights:  I stood out poses instead of laying down.  I assumed I’d be laying down like nobody’s business but it never happened.  This is what I’m most proud of.  Oh, and I never left the room.  WOO!

Friday was such a long day that I missed all the class times, and today was a day of wallowing in self-pity, doing a lot of crying, emotionally eating, and basically talking myself out of going to class.  But not tomorrow.  Tomorrow it’s on.  Tomorrow I GO!

I’ve missed you guys.  Sincerely.  XOXOXO


4 responses to “What 6 Months Off Will Do To You

  1. Congratulations, and sounds pretty good considering! Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was medication rather than absence messing that severely with your balance. I had a bout with vertigo, so I’ve felt that during practice, and WOW does it make even the little things way more interesting.

    Also, I would like to absorb your love for Triangle. Is that possible?

    • Ugh! So good to hear from you! I love each and every one of your posts and despite my absence, I love having them delivered to my inbox. <3

      And yeah, it's definitely not vertigo (been there, know that one well), but … yeah, it's probably the meds.

      And Triangle baffles me. It's the one posture where everything in the world calms down for me. My heart rate actually goes *down* and I feel peaceful. I must be doing it wrong. :-)

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