… is this thing on???

It’s been so long since I’ve logged in here, that I actually forgot my password.  But seriously, folks, I finally made it to class.  It’s been three-and-a-half months since The Shit Show, and every week I would postpone going to class for one reason or another – most of it was simply fear of getting dizzy again.  It actually took a long time (at least 6 of those weeks) for the dizziness to fully go away.  And by then I was just out of the habit.

But I did it!  I wasn’t even sure I’d go until the last possible minute.  For those who regularly practice, this’ll be funny:  It’s been so long since I practiced that I thought Head To Knee came after Half Moon.  Boy was I dreaming…

So… class.  It wasn’t that bad!  I mean, I was sweating bullets like a newbie, and I’ve been super sore, but that’s about it.  My Half Moon backbend was surprisingly deep.  I got the balance right away on 2nd part of Awkward.  Eagle can still bite my ass.  Head to Knee was awful – I could hardly stand on one leg.  Standing Bow wasn’t too shabby… even saw my foot over my head for five seconds.  I sat out Triangle.  And the one after.  Rallied for two sets of Tree and then collapsed on the floor.  I did only one set of the floor series… I was BEAT.

My mental discipline is gone, too, because once I got on the floor, all sorts of personal things started flooding in.  Stupid thoughts.  I can’t wait to get back to the point where my brain shuts off and there’s only the posture.

I had hoped I’d go back for the Sunday 4pm class, but I slept in until (gasp!) 1pm on Sunday and couldn’t get myself motivated enough to go.  I just hobbled around my apartment for the rest of the night.

Fingers crossed for next week.  Missed you guys!  Need to go catch up on your blogs now.



2 responses to “… is this thing on???

  1. Ha, great minds must be thinking alike. I haven’t been to class since I think sometime back in June. I’ve also had all the same excuses as you probably LOL. I decided to bite the bullet and go back on 9/1 in honor of “the summer being over”. I took it really easy, but it made me realize how much I actually miss being in class. With all the craziness going on each day, there’s nothing like yoga to get me back to my happy place. I am going to try to get back to another class this week.

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