What a week!

So after the challenge (and all that vertigo), I was unable to make my way to work.  I was out the entire week!  It took a full 7 days before I was able to lay down past 45 degrees.  I was glued to my anti-dizziness, anti-nausea meds every 8 hours.  I was stumbling around my house and couldn’t even stand in the shower or wash my hair (ew!).  I left the house twice the whole week and I’m not even sure that was the appropriate decision. 

This week’s been better.  Sunday was the first day not needing drugs, and Monday saw me back at work.  I’ve had a couple moments of positional dizziness while there, but mostly it went well!  It felt so good to be back with people again.

This weekend my plan is to try out the ol’ yoga again and see how it goes.  I admit there’s quite a bit of anxiety sitting in my chest.  I don’t really trust my brain and body just yet.  But I’ll just set up in the back and rock my practice quietly.  I’ll break the seal and it’ll be okay. 


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