Day 10: The Shit Show

I took good care of myself after my doubles.  Drank my electrolytes, ate good food, got rest.  I had planned to hit the 2pm class on Sunday to finish up my challenge.  We had a visiting teacher who was supposed to be awesome, so I was feeling excited.  I got up at around 10am, and by 11 had a delicious salad with a tuna steak along with a banana and peanut butter.  At around 1pm I realized I wasn’t quite feeling myself.  I just felt funny in my head.  I decided I’d lay down for a couple hours and hit the 4pm class instead.

Got up, still felt funny, but told myself I’d just take it easy.  Got to class, then laid down on my mat for a bit, then got crazy dizzy with nystagmus.  I made my way up to check in with the teacher and we agreed to take it easy on me.

I couldn’t even do the first breathing exercise.  I tipped my head back and lost my balance.  Sat that out.  Made it through the second set.  Made it through most of the standing series, though I felt out of triangle dizzy.  Things got pretty bad when I rolled over for Cobra.  Did the first set, rested, then when I went to push up for the second set everything went to hell.  My eyes were rapidly going side to side and I couldn’t feel myself on the floor, everything was spinning – it was awful.  The teacher noticed immediately and told me to lie on my back, but I couldn’t even roll myself back over.  I crawled out of the room (lucky for me, I’d set up near the door) with the teacher yelling behind me to stay where she could see me. 

I made it to the other side of the door and sat on my knees, holding on to a bench for dear life, bawling my eyes out and trying not to throw up.  I sat there unable to move my body an inch until the spine strengthening series was over.  At some point I fell over on to my back.  Someone else came out to rest and offered to grab me a coconut water.  I let her.  I sat up to take a sip and then everything fell apart.  I got up and hobbled to the bathroom where I proceeded to throw my guts up.  The kind of vomiting were your feet come up off the floor. 

So embarrassing.  Especially since I make roaring dinosaur noises when I throw up.  If ya’ll heard dinosaur noises on the wind Sunday… that was probably me.  You’re welcome.

I fled the building as soon as class was over and I could grab my things.  I did not thank the teacher, I just wanted to get to my home.  I got to my car and couldn’t do much else.  My legs felt weird.  They felt tingly and full like they were on the verge of cramping but couldn’t make up their minds.  I just sat there sweating in my soaked clothes – I couldn’t even change. 

After about 30 minutes I texted the studio owner (who was inside with the visiting teacher) and told her I felt weird, was still in the parking lot, and to apologize to the visiting teacher for me.  She came out with a bottle of vitamin water and got in my embarrassingly messy car to sit with me.  I cried some more while she said wonderful and soothing things to me. 

I drove very slowly and safely home (about 0.8mi) and by the time I got upstairs the dizziness was in full swing and the vomiting began again.  I was SO. SICK.  It was hours before I knew what to do.  I sat on the floor of the bathroom while the sun set – unable to get up or really move at all.  Luckily I had my phone so I started texting people to see if someone could take me to the doctor.  I finally decided I’d have to call an ambulance, so I texted my downstairs neighbor/landlord who offered to take me.  Once she saw me, though, she said she’d prefer to call an ambulance.  So we did.  And it was embarrassing. 

We went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with vertigo (plus my glucose was really high, so I got some insulin for that).  Got a couple liters of fluids, some meds for nausea and for vertigo, then hung out there until I could make my way home.  Once I got home, of course, the vomiting started up again.  UGH!

Monday saw me feeling much better, though, so I’m on the mend.  Today I went to see an Ear/Nose/Throat doc who said it was all likely caused by viral labyrinthitis (which is a cool name, eh?).  Basically my inner ear has been damaged by the virus and I have to wait for my central nervous system to catch up and figure out the new signals.  It’s annoying and unfortunate. 

A couple years ago I had a day-long episode of dizziness and vomiting (with no nystagmus) and about a month ago I had an episode of dizziness with nystagmus (but no vomiting).  I’m hoping this is not something I have to keep dealing with.  It causes some pretty awful days!

So.  I’m home and trying to rest.  I’ve got some meds to help, though I still can’t lay flat or roll over either direction.  I have to sit up to sleep which isn’t all that comfortable.  I’m tired.

But you know what?  I finished my challenge and got my damned t-shirt! 

Silver linings, people. 


8 responses to “Day 10: The Shit Show

  1. I felt so awful for you when I read this. I hope you are doing better. I wanted you to call an ambulance when you were crying on the bench. :( Glad to see you are on the mend. Hang in there, and let us know how you are doing.

    If I could, I would cheer you up with a PJ party at Salsa Fresh. Maybe someday!

  2. Scary stuff! The body is crazy how it decides that one day it’s just going to throw itself all out of whack just to annoy you! Hope you feel better & rock that tee! (Would live to see a pic of it!)

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