Double Day!

I am so tired.  I don’t even know how it’s possible that I’m still awake at midnight.  This post is going to be lame and boring. 

My muscles are pissed, but I don’t think that’s because of the two classes.  I think it’s the daily yoga. 

Anyway.  I got up at 6 and made it to the 7:30am class.  I was sleepy and yawning throughout.  The room was packed and fairly juicy.  I was feeling a little nervous about the double thing, but then talked myself out of those feelings since it was only the first class of the day.  Class was pretty good!  Got a call out on my standing bow.  That’s always nice.  Especially since it’s always some miracle that I am able to hold it.  What I’ve discovered from this challenge is that I’m really starting to kick UP instead of just BACK.  Which means I’m feeling it in my hips.  I have become very aware of my hips.

I went home, showered, made some eggs with sauteed veggies and some toast.  Okay, fine, I made bacon too.  Went to the grocery store, then came home for a nap.  Then came the 4pm class.  I noticed a few things – in the first breathing exercise my elbows were coming up MUCH higher than before.  I thought they’d never be able to come up that high.  The 2nd part of Awkward is getting easier.  I’m finding the balance right away.  That’s kind of awesome.  My butt is staying towards my heels better in Half Tortoise.  All good things.

On my way to the 2nd class I started panicking.  It got worse once I was in the room waiting for class to begin.  I kept wondering how I was ever going to handle another ninety minutes.  I tried remembering what you’ve all said – to just take it one class, one posture at a time.  That helped.  And honestly, when class was over I realized it wasn’t that bad.  It wasn’t that bad!  I’m exhausted and pretty painful in my back, but that’s okay.  It was an accomplishment. 

One more class to get through tomorrow, then I get my t-shirt.  YES!


4 responses to “Double Day!

  1. Awesome! I’m headed back to the mat this morning after a couple of weeks off. I’m just going to take it easy and then come home and enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Yep. One class at a time. One posture at a time. One set of each posture at a time…and before you know it you’re in fixed firm! I’m so happy you did you double. :)

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