Still Going

This challenge is intense!  And honestly, this is less about the yoga itself and more about the commitment to myself and getting out of work on time.  So far so good. 

Tuesday night we had a visiting teacher (we’re having lots of those due to the studio’s festivities this week).  She was great!  It’s so nice to have different voices and perspectives in the room, even if the dialogue is always the same.  It was a good time. 

I missed Wednesday night because I’d already had plans but Thursday’s class was pretty great.  Standing series was better than floor – floor was killing my back. 

Tonight’s class though?  Amazing.  It was amazing.  While the pain in my back causes me to yelp out in pain occasionally, I still felt good about what I was able to accomplish.  I felt positive and wonderful throughout the entire class.  After class the teacher led us in a 20 minute guided meditation (apparently it was Yoga Nidra, which is new to me).  It was super relaxing.  I was so relaxed that I felt disconnected from my body, as if (and this is going to sound woo-woo) there was no separation between the floor, the air, and me.  It was wonderfully weird.  I left feeling gooey and soft. 

Tomorrow is double day!  I’ll be hitting the 9:30 and 4:00.  I can do this. 

2 responses to “Still Going

  1. Good luck. I haven’t been in a couple weeks. It’s my intention to get back to the mat today and tomorrow. I have never done a double so am in awe of people who do.

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