Day 4

I made it to class Saturday, and it was effing brutal.  I died a thousand deaths.  I’d been up since 5am (called in to work), then busted out for the noon class.  I don’t know what happened.  Wait, yes I do.  I was upset when I left work because I had to maintain the boundaries I set when I got called in – that I was leaving at 11 to get to class.  I was asked to stay past 11 and had to say no.  Then I spent my entire commute to class feeling angry, resentful, and guilty.  Was yoga a good enough reason?  Obviously it was, but I spent the drive berating myself which means I got to class all amped up.  By the time we got to Eagle, I thought I was going to throw up.  I remember standing still, heels and toes together, and breathing while everyone else was doing Eagle.  I kept telling myself “I am doing Eagle right now.  This is the best Eagle I can do.”  That’s how the rest of the class went.  Plus, my back has been REALLY acting up lately, and I was having a lot of pain.  I followed class with a massage, which helped.

Sunday’s class was good.  I got up and went to the 9:30 (amazing) so I’d be out in time to hang with pals (we had pancake dinner – delicious!).  It was a decent class.  I came in feeling pretty creaky and halfway through class I realized I was feeling pretty good!  My body felt like it had give to it.  It was grand.

And today – I head to class in about 20 minutes.  I actually got out of work in time to make it, though I’ll be getting out a little late for my liking (9pm).  I turn into a pumpkin pretty early, so this class is going to cramp my style a bit, but so be it.  I AM GETTING THAT T-SHIRT!

I have pre-existing plans that will prevent me from making class on Wednesday, so I’m planning my very first double this weekend to make up for it.  EEK!  I think what I’ll do is go to the 9:30am and then the 4pm.  I’m planning to do nothing but yoga this weekend. 

Okay – going to get dressed.  Yay!

7 responses to “Day 4

  1. Your double will be fine. I understand the fear, but it will be fine. You’ve got a nice break in between which will help. My advice: When you take the first class just take the class like you would any other class. Don’t worry about the second class at all. Engage with Class #1 for whatever it is. Then, go to class #2 and engage with whatever it brings. This will help. I promise.

    I’m doing a double tonight (4:30 followed by the 6:30), and I am scared. I am trying to make myself remember my own advice. But having only 30 minutes inbetween is freaking me out.

    • I’ve done alot of back to back doubles and, by way of encouragement, I often find the second class better than the first. You can’t just power through it. You have to focus on your breath and find the stillness in each posture. I find my flexibility is enhanced and can get deeper into some postures with less physical exertion. Sometimes second classes, even in a back to back double, can be your best of the week. Good luck and have fun.

  2. Also, you may already do this, but another part of my double practice is to treat each class totally separately,like you suggested above for an early/late double. When I do back/back classes, I shower and change into new costume just like a separate class. I change towels on my mat and move my mat to the other side of the room. Start Fresh!

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