My studio is having some events this week to celebrate its name change from Yoga Crossing to Bikram Yoga Waverley.  Our current studio owner, G, bought the studio about a year ago and decided to change the name to better reflect our Bikram-ocity.  New name, new gorgeous logo, and this week is the grand re-opening.  New swag, fundraiser for Boston 1, 10-day challenge, Free Yoga Day (tomorrow), lots of visiting teachers, and they’re ending it all next weekend with a PARTY. 

Today was the start of the 10-day challenge and I’m planning to do my very best to hit those 10 days.  If you make 7 days, you get a new BYW t-shirt, which is pretty rad. 

Tonight’s class was a treat.  We had a teacher I’ve never been with before – she teaches the 6:30am Tuesday class.  It was great!  Great to have a new voice in the room, great to have new thoughts and tips.  I loved it.  I was struggling in a lot of postures, but told myself that at the end of the ten days I would be MUCH better.  I just kept smiling.

Here is a picture of my badass new 40oz HydroFlask:


Isn’t our new logo super pretty?  I don’t know who designed it, but I love it.

Hitting the noon tomorrow and probably an early class on Sunday.  I will likely do my first double on Saturday of next weekend since I have plans Wednesday night that will interfere with yoga.  Fingers crossed on that one.

Now for a hot bath. 


3 responses to “4/26/2013

  1. Love your hydro flask. Hope you are enjoying it! You can do a 10 day challenge. That will go by fast, and it’ll be fun. My 10 days of no water ends today (sort of). Today is day 10, but I’ll keep going without it.

  2. totally loving your flask. Wish we had some branded stuff in our studio so we could swap things and look all international and well travelled!

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