Today’s class was awful.  Just awful.  I struggled through the whole thing

I didn’t sleep well last night after all the excitement and then woke up at 7am.  Decided I’d hit the 9:30 class.  I had some water and a banana with my brand new chia-espresso peanut butter (thanks Leigh!).  I was looking forward to class, assuming it would make me feel better.

There was a class at 7:30 and when I walked in, the heat and humidity just punched me in the face.  It was dreadful.  They worked on getting the room under control in the 30 minutes before class, but it was still super juicy.  I was sweating bullets from the moment we started, my back was spasming, and the weird nerve pain showed up in the OTHER leg.  What the hell???  It wasn’t anywhere near the level of pain from before, but it was there (I have a neurology appt tomorrow to get things checked out). 

It was one of those classes where all I could think about was when I was going to leave the room for a little break – you know the ones.  I was exhausted by Eagle and sat out both sets of that.  I got on my feet for the balancing series, but did not remember to bring any balance with me, so those sucked.  I got dizzy and sat out half of Triangle and half of the next pose. 

People, it was a shit show.  I was pouring sweat.  It was awful.

By the time Fixed Firm came around, I decided I would give the teacher as much of my energy as possible.  I did the rest of the floor poses, I tried to be super aware of the vibe and energy I was putting off (mainly because I realized that I was giving off shitty energy). 

I’ve never been so thankful for a class to end.  I realized throughout class that I was still feeling the nervous jitters that I was feeling yesterday.  They hadn’t gone away yet.  I brought them with me and they colored everything I did in that room.  Now, I haven’t had a shitty class in a very long time, so for that I’m grateful.  Just, damn.  Bad classes are so bad!

I’m about to throw down on two liters of water and then go to bed.  I’m physically and emotionally wiped.


10 responses to “Uggggghhhhhh.

  1. I bet the whole room was full of similar emotions that compounded yours. Don’t be too hard on yourself, y’all just had a helluva week up there!

    Also I need to know about this espresso peanut butter business.

  2. Hey, way to hang in and conjure some positive energy for the floor series. You didn’t give up and didn’t walk out so give yourself credit for that (and for going in the first place). You definitely received the benefit of many of the postures you were able to do. Much better than not going to class at all. I bet your next class will be a dramatic improvement

  3. So glad you like your peanut butter! I have finished off two (two!) packages of chocolate covered rice cakes in a week.

    We’ve all had the kind of class you had. Sorry it was your turn to get one of those. Have you ever felt like sitting down during the first set of the first breathing exercise? I have. Those classes suck. I haven’t actually sat down at that point, but God have I so wanted to.

    Bad classes are so bad. Love it. Right on. Now, on to the next one!

    • Yeah, yesterday was one of those classes where I wanted to sit down immediately. I noticed that there were other people sitting randomly through class who also had the look on my face that I had… this look of, “what’s going on here?”

  4. Awesome you for seeing it through to the end. Sometimes my mind screams to just get up & go but usually I am actually just too exhausted to make the 20 steps over other bodies to the exit door. Maybe you would’ve felt shittier if you didn’t go at all so big ups for going!! :):)

  5. As much as I beat myself up after a really bad class, you need them once in awhile to remind you that a) this is not meant to be easy and b) you’re a total badass when you nail 90 mins of hot chamber twisting torture. Plus, you sweat out a ton of toxics just by being there, so you win at life, k? K.

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