Cramps and Mary Jarvis

Remember when I was all “YAY, my feet haven’t cramped in FOREVER!” 

I should have just kept my mouth shut, because last night they cramped the entire class

BUT, I touched my forehead to the floor in Standing Separate Leg Stretching for the the first time in FOREVER.  Definitely since this whole back incident started happening.  It really gave me hope!

In other news, Mary Jarvis is coming to my studio on Friday.  I don’t know if I want to sign up or not.  I have concerns:

First, an issue of worth.  I can’t even do all the poses yet.  I can’t properly grab my foot in Standing Head to Knee (I use a towel to reach).  I can’t reach both feet in Bow.  I keep my knees apart in Half Tortoise to make room for my bell-bell.  I can’t/don’t do Rabbit at ALL.

Next, I’m unwilling to come to class without water.  I know all about her feelings on having water in the hot room, and how none of her teachers are allowed to drink, blah blah blah.  I don’t like the idea that she tells her teachers (home-base and visiting) that they’re not allowed to have water in class.  I know that we can go 90 minutes without it, but that’s not the point. 

Lastly, I recently read a quote about her expectations that we stay in a pose until told otherwise.

I’m just worried that her teaching style is more of a power OVER instead of power WITH.  So I am reluctant.  I go to Bikram for the personal growth, not to push my physical limits  – and maybe that puts me in the minority. 

I’m torn, though, because this is an interesting opportunity.  I know I’m supposed to want to go.  This is something I should be excited for.

6 responses to “Cramps and Mary Jarvis

  1. Go to the clinic. They are made for learning!!! I’ve only heard excellent things about her. She’s been involved for so long I’m sure she’s seen everything, and if she pushes you for something that seemed uncomfortable, it’s probably a compliment and a vote of confidence from an expert. :-)

    And whoo hooooooo on head to floor!!!!!

  2. Go to the Mary Jarvis clinic! I took it a few years back and I still remember some of her tips, comments and stories. She doesn’t insist that you don’t take water when its not her studio – you will be fine – I’m pretty sure I drank water all day. You will learn a ton and she’s not there to judge how far you’ve come in your practice – she’s there to teach. Have a great time!

  3. Go! Mary is very compassionate. You go and do your best, and it will all be fine. She is not going to insist that you not drink water. She may TALK about her philosophy regarding the water, but she will not critique you for drinking it (in my experience).

  4. Babe, if you’re asking for advice, I would say go for it. I was in her masterclass in Brighton, UK about a month ago and it was nothing like the yoga class I am accustomed to and it was nothing like the yoga class I was expecting. Her style is very calm, loving, grounded and funny – laced with personal stories and opinion. There was no water ban, I guess she respects the conventions of the studio and what the home students are accustomed to. I think you will enjoy it. xxx

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