A First!

I really only have one thing to say about today’s class:

I held Standing Bow THE ENTIRE TIME.  Only the first side of the first set, but STILL!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  From the start of the instructions all the way to the end.  It felt so good!!!

(How long is that pose, anyway?  A minute?)

Also, I think going almost every day this week has gotten me more acclimated to the heat.  It’s weird to not feel like I’m dying at some point in class.

For those reading who don’t know what Standing Bow is, here:

Bikram Yoga Westlake Village


14 responses to “A First!

  1. Yay! And yes, the first set is supposed to be a minute each side, second set thirty seconds. Same for standing head to knee. (My studio likes to torture people, and hold all four sets for the full minute. No wonder I sometimes dread balancing.)

    Anyway, congrats. You will find this happening with more regularity now I bet!

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