Another Great One

Class last night was wonderful.  My body is all over the place, though.  Pranayama Breathing is killing me – my back hurts pretty bad during that, which is weird, because I try to be super aware of not backward bending.  Part 1 of Awkward hurts – I think this is when my back prefers to spasm.  I’ve given up on Eagle lately.  Things start improving after that, though the spine strengthening series makes me want to throw up a little bit. 

I got my femoral nerve injection yesterday.  It pretty much sucked.  Here is a not-too-graphic picture of where they poked (NOT MY BODY, FYI), so you can understand the delicate nature of this injection (which is to say that it’s entirely too close to my junk).  Where the marker is pointing is where the needle goes. 

Thanks Internets!

The doctor was great, though, and the x-ray tech was TOPS.  He threw on some Enya, held my hands the whole time, and told me about his cruise to St. Maarten.  He was amazing. Plus he was good-natured about the fact that I left bright red finger imprints in his skin. 

I was told I won’t know anything until about 7 days post-injection – that’s when the steroids are at peak performance.  While this injection will help with the worst of the problem – the nerve pain going down my thigh – I still don’t know what’s going to happen with my back, or if just continuing yoga will help it like before.  Time will tell. 

I did four days in a row, and six days out of nine.  I’m skipping today.  I’m unable to wake up in time for the morning classes and I’ve made much-needed friend time for the afternoon/evening.  I’m okay with missing today.  Five in a row would have been awesome, but it’s okay.  I’ll be there tomorrow. 


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