So Much Yoga

Sometimes I sit down to write a post and feel like I have so much to say, yet nothing *new* to say… and so I stop typing.  I have something like 20,000 drafts. 

I did a pretty good job getting to yoga last/this week.  I didn’t make it Monday-Wednesday.  I went Thursday, then Sunday, then Tuesday and today.  I have plans for tomorrow and Friday.  Not too shabs!

Class has been painful.  I’m upset by how much the pain gets in the way.  I get frustrated.

I’m still working with docs to figure out what’s happening.  The referral I had for June got bumped up, which was really wonderful.  I got the call last Wednesday and got in last Thursday.  She was AMAZING.  We had an entire conversation about my exam findings, what could be happening, what’s likely happening, etc.  She ordered another MRI this past Sunday of my hip/pelvis (which didn’t end up showing anything).  Saw her again today and she ordered an EMG and x-ray guided steroid injection of my femoral nerve… that’s on the docket for Friday.  She also wants me to see a neurologist. 

I am on medical leave this week while I try to get this dealt with.  I hate being on leave.  I love being at work, even when it’s super stressful.  I miss that part of me.  I’m trying to mentally take it easy, but I’m having trouble.

So I’m filling my time with yoga.  Which is a good way to fill my time, I know!  My practice isn’t going anywhere, but deep down I know I’m doing good for myself, so I go. 

In other news, I’m completely obsessed with Jedi Fight Club.  I love watching the facebook goings-on.  I love watching what these yogis are doing with their bodies.  I feel like, even though I have no aspirations to compete, I kinda want to go.  Sure, it will take me YEARS to get to the point of being worthy of going, but still.  I’m obsessed.


5 responses to “So Much Yoga

  1. He’ll be near me in April but I’ve decided not to go because I’m saving for the women’s retreat. Sounds like we can get the full report from Teenie though! We had one woman from my studio go to Fight Club last year. It was intense, but I think she’s glad she went.

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