More Of The Same…

Let’s see:

Had the MRI.  The results weren’t all that interesting – a mild disc bulge at L5/S1.  Some mild to moderate degenerative disc disease throughout the lumbar spine.  Nothing that points to why I’d be having such severe nerve pain down the front of my thigh.  The ortho surgeon (who ordered the MRI) said he didn’t know what was wrong with me and turfed me to a physiatrist for possible steroid injections.  Saw him this past Wednesday.  He did a thorough exam but also said he didn’t understand why I was in so much pain, and that he would inject some steroids into my spine anyway to see if it helped.  Now, I’m pretty pissed about the whole experience – he treated me as if I were brainless, and did the spinal injection without fluoroscopy – but I was in so much pain that I just didn’t care whether or not I was receiving sub-par care, so I let him inject me.

No help at all.

I am now waiting on a referral to a different physiatrist and possibly a spinal surgeon (both recommendations from an ortho surgeon friend).  I have to get the ball rolling for these second opinions.

Went back to acupuncture (which I’m loving) and while it makes me feel good for a half day, it’s not doing much else yet.  I’m going to give it some more time – I’ve heard that the effects are cumulative. 

I purchased a little TENS/EMS unit off of the internet (thanks, Groupon!) and it’s helping to disrupt some of the pain signals.  Most of the pain comes from my anterior thigh, and the worst spot is high up at the leg crease right over my femur (femoral nerve???).  It helps some.  It only came in the mail on Saturday so I’m going to see how it helps while I’m at work.  Fingers crossed.

My chiro and I have been wondering if the back pain is a separate issue – if what I really have is bursitis in my hip that’s leading to the nerve pain.  But with all the NSAIDs I’ve been on, the pain should be getting better and not worse.  I was given homework for the weekend to stay home (NO YOGA) and aggressively ice my hip.  I’ve done it.  And so far the pain is the same (which is to say, excruciating). 

I went to yoga last week and took it easy.  I had a serious breakthrough in Cobra.  All this time I’ve been thinking that my cobra rocked, but now that I’m really paying attention to my body and my back I see what Cobra is supposed to be – and it’s awesome!  Also, last week I held my standing bow for the longest time ever.  Left side only, but still. 

Keep posting about yoga!  I’m living through all of you right now!!!

One response to “More Of The Same…

  1. Sounds very familiar. I had back surgery in 1997 still have residual nerve damage and lingering pain. Had hip, illiac joint flare up in 2000…had referral in hand for surgeon again, pt threw up hands and on a lark tossed my butt into traction as a last resort. It worked. I still have achy drugdy days right buttock, hamstring, illiac but a quick dose of oral steroids helps me keep it in check while my pt does the manipulation to keep me upright and mobile. My most recent flare up was right before Christmas and I work/manage retail so not working, standing, bending was not an option. Good luck to you as your search for your solution. I find my back flares up most when there is something else in my life that requires attention…sort of like “hey you! Pay attention! Are you listening now?”

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