More Pain, More Acupuncture

It’s a snowy day here in the Boston area.  I have food, wine, my computer, and some cats.  I’m all set for the impending storm.  It actually says “blizzard” on the hourly forecast for later tonight.  Bonkers.

It’s been an interesting week.  The new NSAID they put me on has done nothing but upset my stomach.  The pain’s been pretty bad, but I’m coming up on MRI Monday, so there’s an end in sight (I hope).  This week I actually had a dream that my back was hurting so badly that I started screaming …. and then actually woke myself up screaming.  How sad is that?!?!

Went back to acupuncture and saw a different doctor (the original doc and I work the same hours, so it wasn’t great for long-term).  She was great!  She needled the hell out of my lumbar spine, hip and leg and hooked them up to a TENS unit, which made for some tingly acupuncture.  It was nice, actually.  Then she did some cupping of my lower back and also my shoulders to help with my carpal tunnel symptoms.  I liked the cupping.  I’ve been curious about it for years.  We’re going to see each other once a week until things are better.  I’m super happy that my insurance gives me a 25% discount and that my FSA covers the rest.

I’ve basically been doing cat-cows and cobra every day and that’s about it for yoga.  Just trying to keep things limber at this point.  I’d considered going tonight, but it’s cancelled (and we’re banned from the roads after 4pm anyway).  I’m not entirely sure what the right decision is as far as going/not going.  It occurred to me that I’m doing quite a bit for my back:  chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapy, NSAIDS, icing, heating, and now more tests.  Honestly, I’m hoping that the next step will be steroid injections… I had them in my wrists back in the day and they worked wonders.  It’s not ideal, but I don’t care.  I just want to be pain-free.  Without surgery.

I hope you’re all out there having fun in the hot room!

2 responses to “More Pain, More Acupuncture

  1. I hope all is well for you in Boston! Been thinking about you being snowed in. I know you liked the cupping, but can you say more about your experiences with it? I am very curious about it. Is it something that I could just wander in somewhere to try or would I do it for a specific purpose?

    • Sorry this is so late. So the cupping! I never knew it existed until I was searching for cures for my carpal tunnel syndrome a few years ago. Then I found out one of my friends went for his lower back. From what I understand (and what I felt), it helps to really bring blood flow and circulation to whatever area is being cupped.

      I’ve seen two ways – either the old school way where they take glass jars, stick a fire stick inside (to create the vacuum), then immediately stick them on your back. Or – the way they did for me – they use little vacuum sucker jars and pump the air out. Personally, I’m a little more comfortable with the non-fire method, especially when they’re doing my upper back and shoulders.

      The sensation is interesting. It actually feels warm as the blood comes into those tissues. And it has almost a sensation of pulling tight tissues away from each other (if that makes sense). It also felt good… like a mini-massage. Some people will bruise – I assume this has to do with how long the cups are left on. I bruise very easily and didn’t bruise at all, but she kept my cups on for only seconds at a time, then moving them and re-doing the vacuum.

      I’m pretty sure you could just walk in and get cupped for anything, if it’s the right surface (don’t know if cupping is possible on one’s neck).

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