I’m Angry & Frustrated.

This is a negative, whiny, and generally pissy post.  I apologize.

Class last night was ouchie.  This back issue is really bumming me out in class.  I have to live each second re-thinking how I do my postures so I don’t cry out in pain.  I have to take intentional steps backward in form and depth, which makes me feel a little emotional.  I know that might seem silly, but I’ve just worked so hard to get where I am today.

Half Moon – I’m now one of the people who are basically standing up straight, not moving to any side.

Eagle – Can’t lift my left leg due to pain.

Standing Head to Knee – Same.

Balancing Stick – Left leg.

I can’t even do TREE!

And what hurts most of all?  Savasana!  It’s during that 2-minute savasana that my back and leg are ramping up into FULLY PISSED mode.

The Spine Strengthening Series is awful.  I can’t get any part of myself even two inches off of the floor and I pretty much want to cry the whole time.  Things begin to get a little quieter from there.

I can’t do camel.  This saddens me.

I go back for my 2nd shot at PT tomorrow.  I’ve been doing my prescribed stretches/exercises.  We’ll see what happens.

Thank you all for listening.


9 responses to “I’m Angry & Frustrated.

  1. You just go ahead and bitch. :) I am recovering from a small tear in my right hamstring. So…
    (a) no kicking out my right leg in head to knee
    (b) whatever that posture is before triangle? Nope. Can’t do it.
    (c) Standing bow – can’t kick as high with my left leg because I feel it in my right hamstring
    (d) Fixed Firm!!!! Can’t go back.Hurts the hammy
    (e) Forget 75% of stretching.

    When I had cracked ribs I couldn’t do spine strengthening at all for about two weeks. I just layed there and was bored. I know how frustrating it is. We bust our butts, make progress, and then get kicked in the teeth with an injury.

    BUT, I do find that the upside to an injury is that it makes me more aware of the postures. I have to really pay attention as I am coming in and out because of whatever injury I have. It brings a new level of awareness to my practice that I often lose when I am not injured.

    Here’s to getting better!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. But I TRULY admire you for showing up to class and trying! Me? I would be pissy and whiny at home. I’d be too scared. I hope the shot works and you can continue your practice. Hang in there!

  3. Wow – you and I are on a similar wavelength today – from the poses we’re bitching about, to just having a tough patch. Please take a read of the words that have consoled me by BKS Iyengar – I just published them. Just knowing we’re on the track towards something that perhaps was inconceivable a few months, or years ago, should give us solace. Right? Thinking of you! We’re in the same boat. It’s a lifelong pursuit. Just ask @MissCopsey :) It’s tough but rewarding in a holistic way.

      • I love that line and know it stood out for me too. Here’s to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. In it for life! PS if you wanna bitch in a Q&A, share the love on my blog. ;) Offer still stands for a part 2 when you’re ready!

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