Yoga Therapy

Back update:  I have a compressed nerve somewhere about my L3/L4 vertebrae.  This is quite a bummer.  A painful bummer.  I finally checked in with my regular doc about my back while there for my diabetes recheck appointment.  She referred me to physical therapy, who made the diagnosis.  It’s not really confirmed until I’ve had an MRI, but I figure they know what they’re doing.  So I’ll keep going to my chiropractor and I’ll continue to go to PT for a while and if things don’t work themselves out, then I’ll get a referral for an MRI. 

Let’s all cross our fingers for things working themselves out. 

My chiro today told me NOT to go home and rest but to keep moving.  So off to yoga I went.  I set up in the back of the room and planned to take it super easy.  I moved in and out of poses slowly and did only what I could do without too much discomfort.  The pain comes from my lower back, around my hip, and then down the front of my leg.  This meant I had some difficulty with Standing Forehead to Knee because I couldn’t lift my left leg.  I also had trouble with Tree, but for the most part, the standing series was okay.  The floor series was where things got ouchie.  The spine strengthening series was brutal, so I only did little tiny versions of those poses.  It was actually pretty cool being so mindful and careful tonight.  It felt good emotionally even if it sucked physically.  I found that the most pain came from simply lying on my back between postures. 

I made it through fine, and I’m feeling okay right now.  I really need to get my butt back in there tomorrow so I don’t turn to concrete. 

OH!  I had no idea that the New England USA Yoga Regionals were being held right near me on Sunday.  I already made plans to go to a Continuing Education conference for work.  NO FAIR!  I’m so bummed. 

4 responses to “Yoga Therapy

  1. Ouch!
    I have NO discs in my back, I have not had surgery and do not take any pain meds. I bailed on PT after the consult and after looking at my rads the chiro cried and refused to adjust me because it would be too painful.

    Spine strengthening series used to make me cry, daily. I’ve moved vertebrae and blacked out in rabbit a couple times too. But lately, I tend to forget that there is anything wrong with my spine. Building up those muscles sucked, but it was soooo worth it!
    I hope you start feeling better soon!

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