So Pooped

I went to class last week – both Friday AND Saturday, and I went again today (Thursday).  Slowly trying to increase my weekly numbers.  It’s been hard.  I’ve been doing some extra pet-sitting over the holidays and I’ve been run pretty ragged.

Anyway, about Saturday’s class.  G was teaching again and right before we went into the room (I tend to shoot the breeze with her before class) she said “Hey, do me a favor… don’t lie down in class tonight.  If you need to stand out a pose, fine, but don’t lie down.  You can do it.”

Yeah, I still lie down during class even after a year of going.  It’s rare that I make it through triangle and still have the energy to keep going.  I’m not proud.

I had a little freak out, but agreed.

It was so hard.  I’ve never wanted the comfort of my mat so badly.  I mean, it was right there.  I wanted to collapse down more than ever.  My lower back has been screaming at me lately and rocking the corpse pose is the only time it will release.  I didn’t have that luxury this time.  I stuck to it and didn’t lie down.  By the time Standing Separate-Leg Head-to-Knee came around… I started crying.  But I cried on my feet!

In class tonight I stayed standing again, but this time it was for me.  I stood out a couple sets over the course of the standing series, but it’s progress.  I’m exhausted but I’m feeling good.


6 responses to “So Pooped

  1. Way to go! It’s SOOOOO haaaard to let go of those kinds of habits. Our minds fight, kick, scream, and rationalize in every way possible to hold on to them. Ugh, such a painful process. But congrats to you for being open to the suggestion, lowering your mental resistance, and capitalizing on your discipline to get it done! Bravo!

    • You’re the BEST cheerleader! And yes, my mind fights me every step of the way. It doesn’t listen to reason. It sends extra muscle cramps and pain to get me to do what it wants (lie down).

      I’m going to keep at it. New year, new challenge!

  2. I know how you feel! I would sit out the 2nd set of Triangle alot, and one of my regular teachers said to me: “No sitting out; up!” And up I got, and attempted it, and it wasn’t that bad. Ever since, I have done two sets of Triangle. Fast forward a year or so and I cannot even think of sitting out Triangle. It takes time, and alot of motivation and perseverance (for ourselves and teachers) but it can be done. Ahhh, Mind Over Matter! Congrats on acknowledging that it takes baby steps. I write about some Bikram related things in and would love you to share your thoughts in a post if you’d like. Just let me know!

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