I’ve Lost Count

Went to class.  Showered.  Still so very hot.

Class tonight was amazing.  Despite my utter certainty that Gerdette was trying to usher in our own mini-apocalypse, I felt joyful.  I was smiling all through class.  Maybe it was because of the solstice, maybe because I know that it’s all downhill from here – who knows.  Maybe I felt joyful because it felt sunny and warm in there while it’s been grey and rainy for what feels like years.  YEARS.

I need to go back and do a run-down of all the progress I’ve made over the course of a year.  Maybe this weekend.

OH!  Tonight during class (right in the middle of our 2-minute savasana) I remembered a ridiculous dream I had last night about Bikram-The-Man.  It was so silly.  So I was in line behind a bunch of people waiting to walk down a roped-off, red carpet area that led straight to Bikram.  As each person walked down the carpet, they had to pause and pick out an item (from a group of items) to present to him (Dalai Lama-esque?).  Anyway, there were many different velvet paintings of bengal tigers (hilarious) and various other pictures and things.  It was my turn, and my friend Colin said “Just pick the right thing.”  I walked down the carpet, paused to peruse the goods, and ended up choosing a large picture of a kitty.  Just a regular-old housecat.  I walked up, presented it to him, and he said “No!”

He did not like my kitty cat picture.  That was when I realized we were all trying to get into teacher training.   Obviously, I didn’t make it.

I’ll leave you with that tonight.  :-)

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