One Year: The Class

Let me start with this:  My anniversary class was amazing.  Cynthia was teaching, and she’s always such a delight.  She likes us to make noise, to sigh, to laugh out loud – and that suits me just fine.  She allows us to bring a little joy to class and I, for one, need that. 

So class was good.  It was perfect weather, just the right amount of struggle, no attempts at dying right there in the room.  :-)  I even held my standing bow longer than I ever had before!  About 30 seconds, maybe a little more.  Plus, my energy remained pretty high throughout class. 

At the end, while we were in final savasana, I was thinking about how much this yoga means to me, how it’s literally saving my life, how it pulled me out of the depths and is keeping me here, focused, and moving forward (something I believed impossible a year ago).  And in a moment more perfect than I could ever hope to describe, Cynthia opened her mouth and began singing about peace in a language familiar but foreign to me.  Her voice was so pure, so angelic, and it was as if The Universe was shining right down on me.  I began sobbing.  Full-on, body-shaking sobs.  I felt so grateful. 

After class I tried to express my gratitude to her for singing.  I tried to tell her how moving class was, what this year has meant… but the words never really came.  I just sat in her presence and cried.  She watched, witnessed, smiled at me and said “This is what it’s all about.” 

She’s so right. 

6 responses to “One Year: The Class

  1. Happy (late) birthday! It sounds like you had an amazing class.You can hold standing bow for 30 seconds? That’s impressive. If I hold it for 10 I think I’m a big deal. :)

    • Thanks (catching up on my comments). I *never* am able to hold standing bow for longer than 10 real seconds. And I haven’t since. This was just some sort of birthday present from the bikram-gods. :-)

      Also, are you thinking things to yourself while you do this pose? I’m constantly thinking things like “Kick harder, harder…” or “Okay, now root into your standing leg…” and “just find the balance, no, don’t fall over, that’s it…”

      Am i completely insane?

      • No! You are not insane. I think so many things in this posture. It depends on where I am in my development of it. Right now I am working on kicking my leg back as high as possible before I drop. If I make it parallel to the floor then I pay attention to make sure my head is straight and my chin is to my shoulder. I don’t think, “don’t fall over.” Instead, I think of what I want to do. So if I’m wobbling I might think, “You got this. Just hold it..” It works sometimes – standing head to knee too!

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