Almost Made It

I’m still semi-sick.  Still congested/runny along with a juicy cough with a general exhaustion accompanying even the most minor of tasks.  I’m back at work, though, so that’s a plus.  The downside is that the virus has moved on to another coworker – poor thing.

But today, for whatever reason, I really wanted to go to class.  I didn’t plan ahead (which would have saved me, note to self) by bringing my clothes to work, but I decided mid-day that I would go and made sure I was properly hydrated and fed.  I had planned on leaving work an hour early in order to make it to the 5:30pm class.  Well, leaving at 4 turned into leaving at 4:45.  I’m 30 min door-to-door, so I thought I could still run home, grab my gear, and haul ass to class which is less than a mile from my house.

Well, the Universe had other plans.  It wanted me to hit every red light and get behind every slowpoke, which meant I didn’t roll into my house until 5:24.  I still went for it, running upstairs to grab my gear and race to the studio.  I thought “Hey, tons of people come at the last minute and/or come into class late… why not me?”  Yeah, I rolled into the parking lot at 5:32 and saw through the doors that the lucky participants who got to class on time were already rocking their pranayama breathing.  I parked for a moment, watching longingly from the wrong side of the glass, wondering why I felt so strongly that I HAD TO BE IN CLASS TONIGHT.  I still don’t know.

In the end, I took that energy home and did some much-needed cleaning (being sick = laziness).   Good, but not as great as class would have been.

4 responses to “Almost Made It

  1. AHHHH!!! That stinks. I feel for you. Can you call ahead when you are going to be late like that? I did that once (once in all of the 2 1/2 years I have been practicing so I felt it was justified). Often they will leave the door open or hold class for a minute if you are on the edge. I hope you feel better.

    • No lie: As I was racing home I was actually thinking about you and the post where you said you’d worn your yoga clothes under your dress and called ahead about being late. For whatever reason, the idea of calling ahead made me super anxious, so I couldn’t bring myself to make the call. I should have. I bet they would have left the door open for me. Ugh!!

  2. “I felt so strongly that I HAD TO BE IN CLASS TONIGHT.”…

    I know the feeling. I’m trying to resurrect my own practice and it has been semi-successful.

    Hang on to that feeling. You will get there.


  3. Aw man, that wold frustrate me to no end. I rarely feel like actually craving class, so I’d be really bummed when it doesn’t work out. Reading yoga blogs makes me get that feeling sometimes, so maybe you could try that :)

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