Lordy.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in the hot room.  My dad came for a visit, and then I spent a week with a full-on migraine, and have had a headache for the two weeks since (yes, I need to call my doc, I know).  So I haven’t been back to yoga in far-too-long. 

And now?  By some crazy twist-of-fate, my work schedule has been arranged such that I could actually do an official Challenge-with-a-capital-C.  It’s possible.  I could do yoga every single day.  The schedule’s set that I could even do a SIXTY day challenge (which scares the bajeezus out of me). 

So I’m thinking about it.  I’m thinking about all the ways in which I will need to care for myself in order to make it through.  I’d need to make sure I got enough sleep every day, drank enough water, ate GOOD FOODS (not the shit I normally eat).  I’d have to commit to more than just showing up every day – I’d have to commit to setting myself up for success.  I think that’s even more daunting than doing the yoga.  I’m not great at self-care.  I routinely don’t eat anything until the evening, and then stuff myself.  I use caffeine.  I use sleeping pills.  So I have a lot to think about. 

In other news, I have somehow managed to lose five more pounds in the last month or so, even without yoga.  Surprising.

So yeah.  Thinking about a challenge.  :-)

8 responses to “Challenges

  1. You should do it! Doing my 30 day challenge (in Jan 2011) and then my 60 day (Jan-Feb 2012) were both scary decisions that I ended up feeling really immensely glad I’d done.

    Really, don’t think about the reasons–or, let’s be honest, excuses–NOT to do it. The sleep, the good food, etc. will work itself out as you increase your yoga practice. Your body will start telling you how much sleep you need and what food it needs. All you have to do is listen; the challenges make the body’s messages easier to hear.

    True, you do have to be especially careful about hydration. If you aren’t already, start drinking more than just water–personally I recommend either Nuun or adding a nice lemon slices/honey/dash of sea salt to your water, but there are plenty of other options out there, too. And, of course, increase how much you regularly hydrate throughout the day.

    But the challenge is only scary, not impossible! All of the fears you’ve listed make me think it’s an even GREATER idea for you to do a challenge. If it helps any, here’s what one of my yogis said as she was during hers during the 30-day challenge I organized for my studio this past January:

    “Day 15 of the Yoga Challenge completed!! I’m half-way there and today my instructor gave me compliments on my ABS! I HAVE ABS!! At the beginning of the challenge I was joking that I better see unicorns after 30 days because of how magical it was supposed to be…. Now I’m thinking that I MAY actually see unicorns. I mean, if I can kinda see abs, then unicorns can’t be too much more ambitious.”

    UNICORNS, my dear, unicorns. ;)

  2. You can do it, but you’re right in thinking a big part of it will be about how you take care of yourself outside the yoga room. I’m not perfect (I love my soda!!!!), but I definitely got better at paying attention to what I put in my body when I did my challenge. You already know how to hydrate. Start paying attention to what you eat.

    With my challenge, I found I needed to take electrolyte supplements. I used Elete Tablytes which you can get on amazon. I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Worked well for me.

    This challenge can change you for the better and in ways you can’t begin to imagine. It will have its rough spots and bright sunny days. Do it! Those 60 days are gonna come and go no matter what. Won’t you feel better knowing they came and went while you did yoga? And we’ll all be here for you rooting you on.

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