Well, I skipped yoga Friday night.  Every time I stood up to get my things together, I’d start crying.  Then I decided I’d go this morning to the 7:30 and 9:30am classes to make up for it.  Instead I slept right through my alarm.  Plans (that are now falling through) kept me from going to the 4pm class today. 

I don’t know what’s wrong.  I’m crying, I’m cocooning, and I feel guilty and terrible.  And I know that I’m the only one I’m letting down, but it feels so much bigger than that. I just.  Feel.  Awful. 

My only options to finish my Mini-Challenge are to do yoga in my apartment, which might actually work since it’s been in the high 90s here this week.  It’s been 98 in my apartment (excluding my air-conditioned bedroom). 

Like the title says:  Blerg.


4 responses to “Blerg.

  1. June has been a tough month for me too. Between travelling for work, going away for a week on vacation, the hot weather and just pure laziness, I’ve only made it twice so far. I am going to hit up the 5:30 class tonight and hopefully make it to at least 3 or 4 more classes for the rest of the month. Studio definitely made out on me $$$ wise this month! BTW, my first class back in 16 days earlier this week, I sat out the majority of class as well.

  2. I understand that feeling. But you’re going to be okay. My favorite instructor always says “It’s ONLY yoga!” :)))

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