Class #62, 6/20/2012

Another shitty class. I’m pretty sure I was only able to do 5-6 postures.  My body was so painful and sluggish.  And I had my first real moment of thinking I’d need to run out of the room to throw up.  It was a close call.

I don’t think I’ve been hydrating properly this week.  While in class today I almost felt like I couldn’t move, or couldn’t send the message to my body to move.  I was laying there in so much pain.   My feet and ankles hurt, my knees have been throbbing daily (and nightly) and my thighs and calves don’t seem to understand what my brain is saying.  So I picked up two liters of pedialyte tonight and I’m going to drink that over the next 16 hours before class Thursday evening.  I’m hoping that’s all it is.  I’m also planning on really resting tomorrow (and the next day). 

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day with a rested body so I can go back to enjoying my yoga.

3 responses to “Class #62, 6/20/2012

  1. Sorry you’re having such a rough time! I have two ideas. Do what you want with them. First, when I started my challenge I started taking electrolyte tablets. I’ve been using Elete Tablytes twice a day dring my challenge – one in the morning, and one after class. It has helped immensely in terms of how I feel during and after class.

    Second, I have had problems with my right knee off and on for over two years. It’s from running. Acpuncture has helped with that. I’ve been going to acpuncture once a month for two years. We’ve really focused on my right knee maybe the last 3-4 times, and the pain is pretty much gone.

    • Blugh, I know, right? WHERE IS MY JOY? I’ve had 2 liters of pedialyte since last night and my body already feels less painful and more… receptive to movement, I guess. Couple hours ’till class and we’ll see how they go.

      I did buy some of those NUUN tablets. But (insert whiney voice) I hate the way they taste! I may have to suck it up, though, and start pounding them down.

      I’ve been wanting to start accupuncture in general, actually. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and I’ve heard good things about accupuncture and cupping… maybe they can throw in the knee thing while I’m there. Part of me wonders if I’m just getting old, part of me wonders if it’s the strain of the challenge… maybe a little of both, right? Sometimes I think my body is “kicking back” a little. In the same way that my mind can. :-)

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