Classes #56, #57, and #58

Good googly, I’m behind on posting!

I had my two days off from Bikram (due to work schedule) and went back at it Tuesday evening (w/ Julie).  It was a pretty difficult class for me – I’d had an emotionally wretched day at work (I was in tears by 8:15… WTF) which led to some physical symptoms (nausea, bellyache).  I made it through class and did okay, but I was stiff and sore and exhausted.   Things seemed to be sucky and awful but then I had a hilarious moment when I went ass-over-tea-kettle out of Triangle in the most outrageous way.  What can you do but laugh at that point?

After class I felt even worse.  Very nauseated, probably dehydrated, and generally wonky.  I didn’t sleep well and when I walked in for yesterday’s noon class (w/ Bob) I just pre-decided it would be shitty.  It was… okay.  I was very aware of my stomach feeling wishy-washy and so I made it a point to take it super easy.  Which is good!  Before I started this yoga (and early on in this practice) I really had no idea what my body needed/wanted or how to take care of myself (or when).  So this is growth.  I will take it.

This evenings class (w/ Briana) was fun and ridiculous.  It was surprisingly empty, but the energy seemed really good.  I was aware of my tummy still not being 100%, and that my body felt tired and weak.  I think I may have pulled something in my left leg (thigh?  groin?) yesterday and I was feeling some twinging during tonight’s class.  Plus, this one was super emotional for me.  I was panicking and feeling overwhelmed at random moments and had to keep reminding myself that EVERYTHING IS OKAY.  I just kept going back to my breath.

An acquaintance told me last week about a trick she does:  On the inhale she thinks “JUST.”  On the exhale she thinks “THIS.” Just… this… Just… this… It’s really, really helped me this week.

Okay!  Highlights!!!

Pranayama Breathing can suck it this week.  My carpal tunnel syndrome is firing up and this pose is KILLING me.

Half Moon has me going backwards flexibility-wise.  Backbends are awful, side bends are equally awful.

Awkward has me on the floor rubbing my feet.  When I rub them it feels like bubble-wrap.  Disconcerting.  I’m wondering if I need yoga orthotics or arch supports or something, LOL.

Eagle is killing my thighs.  I’ve been really squeezing them together in order to maintain balance, which is working… but now my thighs are sore.

Standing Head to Knee is still going well.  I’m using a shorter towel, using much better alignment to protect my back, and I’m kicking out on the second sets.  Wee!

Standing Bow is really getting solid!  Yesterday my foot was over my head for a full five counts!!!  I was so proud of myself.  The pose wasn’t perfect, but it’s a milestone that I will take.

Separate Leg Stretching… I’ve had to rewind a little on this one.  I get so excited about my own flexibility that I’ve ended up hurting myself.  So I’m taking it easier, letting things happen more gradually over the two sets, and it’s helping a lot.

Triangle… Gaining strength here.  When I can stay upright.

Cobra is still a’rockin’.  I’m shocked at how far I can come up with just my back strength.  So wonderful.

Half-Tortoise:  I used to sit this pose out because I hate forward bends (because of my pregnant-like belly).  But last week I started doing it and this week I’m seeing some real progress!  I used to have the entire length of my arms on the floor… but this week my back is flat, my scapulas are coming out of my back and I have only my forehead and pinkies on the floor.  I cannot believe how GOOD this pose feels.  I look forward to it now!

Camel is still going well.  I usually do the pose half-way during the first set and all the way on the second.  Today’s Camel was deep and intense and amazing.

I think that’s about it.  I am really loving this yoga.  My goal is to jumpstart my yoga this month (by going 5 days per week) and then I’m going to maintain that while shifting my primary focus to my lack of nutrition.

Lots of thinking!



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