Classes #54 and #55

What a couple of days!  I did make it to five classes this week, which is awesome.  I’m on track for my 20-Classes-In-June challenge. I even got up bright and early to hit the 7:30am class on a Saturday morning (before heading out to Boston Pride!!).  This meant that I was already a little tired by the time the day got going, but class today was totally worth it.

Today in Standing Head to Knee I kicked out, while still using my towel.  It’s really only a matter of a few inches, but it seemed to help bridge the gap while I work on building this new set of muscles.  Using the towel also meant that I wasn’t in excruciating pain for the rest of the class.  But I figure by the end of the month I’ll be kicking out w/o use of the towel. 

And my Standing Bow.  Guys, I can’t even believe it.  I DID IT.  Not “I held it, fell out, held it, fell out.”  But, I held the damned pose for a significant time (almost the entire time).  Sure, my form wasn’t perfect (my abdomen wasn’t quite parallel to the floor) but I must be building strength in the balancing leg.  After class the teacher brought it up, saying my Bow looked great and that I was rocking in class today.  I felt so good I was even doing the sit ups!

It was such a good and fun class today.  I’ve really felt good in class all week.  Boy have I needed it.

I’ll have Sunday & Monday off from yoga due to work, then I’ll be back in for another 5 days next week. 


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