Class #53, 6/7/2012

JFC, I am in a world of hurt.  Day 3 of Mini-Challenge has kicked my ass.  My hips are still made of concrete and now my lower back is pissed in a very major way.

Class was still good!  Briana was teaching so it was a stellar class energy-wise.  Before class I took some of her time (and Gerdette’s) to ask about positioning my body for Standing Head to Knee.  I can’t figure out how to describe it without posting a picture so I’m just going to say that I grabbed my actual foot and kicked out for the first time today (instead of using a towel).  It looked pretty terrible, but still:  YAY!

The only downside is that it seems I’m using a completely underdeveloped set of muscles now that I’m deeper into the forward bend, and so I tweaked my lower back in a major way.  Basically I spent the rest of the class wincing and inhaling sharply from the pain.  It was awful.  I pretty much skipped a lot of the class after that due to the sharpness of the pain.  I couldn’t even do Wind Removing Pose!!!  I admit, I’m a little nervous about how tomorrow’s class will go.

Now I’m on the other side of a nice epsom salt soak and I’m feeling a little bit better.  I know that by this time next week my body will be feeling better, I just wish I could fast forward.




4 responses to “Class #53, 6/7/2012

  1. Congrats! Be careful with your forward bends. I hurt my back about a month before I headed to teacher training… if it doesn’t get better, I recommend acupuncture/cupping! It definitely helped me.

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