Class #52, 6/6/2012

Yet another joy-filled class.  I felt really happy to be there throughout the entire 90 minutes.  I don’t know where this is coming from, and part of me is waiting for a brutal class to take the jelly out of my donut, but I’m going to try and ride this as long as I can. 

I was feeling pretty achy after last night’s class and ended up taking a hot bath to loosen things back up.  When I went to class this afternoon I was still super sore.  Half Moon Pose was excruciating.  My hips were like cement so I didn’t bend much past center in any direction.  Awkward Pose had me on my butt trying to rub out the cramps in my feet.  What the hell is this about, anyways?  Is there something wrong with my arches?  No one else is on the floor rubbing their feet, so it must be something about my anatomy. 

I actually made about an inch-worth of improvement in my arms for Eagle Pose.  Little by little… Someday my hands will meet.  I’m starting to believe it now. 

Standing Bow was held for a little longer today.  The balance has been such an issue for me lately.  Because I felt like my hamstring or my sciatic nerve was angry, I took it easy on Separate Leg Stretching.  I went down with less vigor and backed off a bit from the stretch – just enough that I wasn’t going to hurt myself.  Felt good. 

My Triangle is really great on my right side.  I really feel like I’m doing an awesome job, but my left side SUCKS.  It’s the side I need the most, and I know this, but it’s just so wonky and uncomfortable and weird.  Poor left side. 

Floor series felt really good today and I feel like I’m making good progress.  I’m still super tired and sore from the last two days, but I also can’t wait to get back in there tomorrow. 

Love this yoga.

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