Class #51, 6/5/2012 – And Other Things

Okay, upon thinking more about Bikram’s visit, I think his message was:  Do Yoga.  Love yourself.  I mean, he’s certainly an amazing representation of that.  That man LOVES himself.  Maybe he’s on to something.

As for class tonight, I went in completely pooped after a crazy day at work.  Got to see some friends and do some chatting before squeezing in amongst about 25 other yogis in a very packed room.  It was pre-juiced and pre-hot from the class before, but it wasn’t too bad. 

Couple of interesting things about tonight’s class.  For the first time, I wasn’t the biggest person there.  I’m not sure why it should even matter, but it made me feel better in a weird way.  Plus, it gave me a real sense of compassion for her (and for myself) watching her struggle around her own midsection.  It’s fucking hard to be fat in the hot room.  Not all teachers understand the complications a belly can cause and I’ve been called out on one pose for locking my knee and not bending it up when in a forward compression… but with a belly, the forward compression forces my knee into the locked position and it’s going to be YEARS before my forehead touches anything below my waist.  It sucks.

I may have just gone off on a tangent…

Anyway, another thing is silence in the room.  Tonight we had two chatty cathies up in the front row (right in front of me) and it really was distracting.  They were commiserating, laughing, bitching and rolling eyes at each other.  Now, they were whispering most of the time, but it really is difficult to concentrate with that going on.  I’ve never practiced with a close friend, though, so maybe the temptation to talk is hard to overcome.  Benefit of the doubt.

The class!  It was pretty great!!  I felt good all the way through, was smiling widely all the way through, and had a real sense that I was feeling joyful all during the practice.  I definitely struggled, don’t get me wrong.  It was super hot in there and I struggled through some of the poses, but even when I needed to take a knee I was aware of feeling joy and excitement at being back in the room. 

Plus, I got a shout out for my Cobra.  And yeah, it rocked.  I really get cobra now.  It feels so good. 

What else. 

OH YEAH:  I’m going to challenge myself and attempt to do 20 classes this month.  I really need to buckle down and start making these changes last.  So, a little mini-challenge.  I really want to cement myself into a super-regular practice, replacing my ass-sitting with yoga-doing. 



2 responses to “Class #51, 6/5/2012 – And Other Things

  1. Oh the talking during class drives me nuts! It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen. I have friends come with me to yoga, and I tell them we don’t talk during class. They get it. We gab it up afterwards because I do want to hear all about their experiences. Anyways,when people talk, and I find myself getting annoyed, I use it as an opportunity to not let them distract me and steal my peace. We’ve had a decent amount of new people in our studio lately as the result of a Groupon. That’s great, but not all of them are willing to follow basic rules like no talking during class. Even when the instructor tells them to stop, they sometimes still keep at it. I am amazed. I don’t get it at all!

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