So The Man himself came and gave a talk here in Boston yesterday.  He’s very interesting:  Flashy tie, flashy pants, flashy shoes, flashy coat, VERY flashy diamond-studded watch.  Thank god I didn’t go in thinking I’d get some yogic answer to the meaning of life, or else I’d be very disappointed.  I went thinking I’d get a look at the man behind my life’s transformation and that’s what I did.

Because it was all so weird and chaotic, I’m going to give you the highlights in bullet points:

  • He was 30 min late because he was in Chinatown getting his coat tailored so he’d look his best for us. (but he also made up that time plus a little more, so who cares)
  • Flashy, Flashy, Flashy.
  • Extremely healthy self-esteem while also being incredibly humble.  Humbled at how many lives he’s changed, humbled that we would pay money to hear him talk, humbled that we would take time out from our important Sunday afternoon to come see him… just humble.
  • Raj was there – she’s just as stunning as she is in her photos.  So radiant.
  • He talked about how, in India, when they want an American teacher to come there, they expect that teacher to be WHITE.  Apparently they got angry when Bikram sent them an Indian-American teacher.  I found this hilarious.
  • We talked about the 8 branches of Yoga.  I don’t remember any of it except one point that was hammered home:  Do hatha yoga every single day.  Even if it’s only a few poses.
  • Bikram eats once per day, usually a small piece of fish/meat/chicken.  That’s it.  I guess I kind of expected him to be a vegetarian.
  • The four things Bikram hates:  Cold water, cold food, cold weather and cold pussy.
  • In order for a wife to keep a husband, she must grasp both the throat and the balls.

I just remembered my dad is reading this.  Oh well…

I didn’t get a lot of meaning or truth or depth from this talk.  I went in with no expectations and what I got in return was a stream-of-consciousness discussion.  I am okay with this.  I’m glad I went.

We had a mini-discussion while he signed my book for me.  It left us both a little teary-eyed.  But that is a post for another day…



EDIT:  For another perspective (yet very similar to mine, which makes me feel better…), please read ANOTHER DAY GOES BY’s thoughts about the Bikram talk:  Bikram Day.

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