Class #50, 5/26/2012


Okay, sure, it took me 5 months to get to those 50 classes, and most of those were in the first 6 weeks, but it’s still a milestone and I’m feeling good about it.

Today’s class was a mixed bag.  I went in feeling emotionally strong, but pretty quickly my muscles turned to shivering jello. I think a couple things combined to mess me up.  One was the highlight of my practice today:  I pointed straight back to the wall, 90-degrees, when doing the 2nd set of Half Moon Backbend.  It was amazing.  My balance was there, my trust in this body was there, and my back just released in the most wonderful way.  BUT, what happened then was that I was so overwhelmed with emotion from such a deep backbend that I never recovered from it.  BikramButterflies has a post about this very phenomenon somewhere, but I can’t find it (and I’m too tired to try harder).  

The other thing that (I realize now) kept me from having a good class:  I forgot to eat today.  And I’m diabetic (an awful, non-compliant one).  I went in feeling totally fine, totally strong, well-hydrated, thinking I could squeak in a class at 4pm before I ate dinner.  Apparently, because I’ve been trying to take better care of myself via food and meds and insulin, my sugars are dropping a bit more than I’d anticipated.  So in the middle of class, I felt my sugar plummet and I had no option but to drop to my mat for prettttttty much the entirety of the floor series.  I did a set of Cobra and a set of Full Locust, but other than that I was a bit out of it.  I ended up leaving the room from Camel to Spine Twist in order to drink a sugary drink (thank god they had one – vitamin water with sugar). 

All I really care about at this point is that I made it to class 3 times this week.  Sure, I didn’t burn as many calories today as I normally would, but I had a decent standing series before things fell apart so that’s cool.

I’m so exhausted.  Full day of work tomorrow and then on Monday I only work an 8-hour shift (instead of 12), so I’ll be able to hit an extra class this week!!! 


P.S.  I’m too tired to go back and proofread this post. 


10 responses to “Class #50, 5/26/2012

  1. Well done on your 50th class, and for the opening and release you must have felt from the half moon back bend.
    I had a similar problem re fuel on Friday – didn’t eat enough breakfast, managed the standing series ok but just ran out of steam for the floor. There will be plenty of other classes on other days, so I’ll just take my lesson, and yours, and be better prepared next time.
    Take care of yourself!

    • I think sometimes I take for granted what a rigorous practice this is and that eating right really needs to be a big part of it (not just the hydration part, which I always focus on).

      Take care of you too!

  2. Hey lady, congrats!! You’re totally kicking my ass, btw… I averaged about one class a week for the first six months, which would have put me at around 26 classes all up :D

    • ALSO, if you’re interested then the backbend post is here.

      Interestingly, I had the exact same response yesterday, when all I did was demonstrate that ONE POSE in a non-heated room during a seminar. And I had a giggle fit in the middle of it because Lynn kept telling me to go further and I was like… that is sooooo not happening. So now I know for sure it’s not the heat/class/panic/whatever creating that effect – it’s definitely just something about that asana! But I’ve learnt that although my initial reaction is OMG I’M GOING TO DIE… I’m not actually in any danger. It’s a really interesting sensation, but not one that’s damaging my body in any way. Which helps quell the panic… sometimes :)

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