Class #49, 5/24/2012

Last night’s class was great – Briana was teaching, and she’s such a powerhouse instructor.  I really enjoy her classes – plus, she’s generous with the fans.  I’m all about the fans.  I have one at work, I have one in every room of my house, I sleep with one running.  I’m addicted to air movement, I suppose.  (Please note that I am avoiding saying that I’m a fan of fans.  yuk yuk.)

It was super juicy in there even though there weren’t that many people in class, which I attribute to this class being the second of two.  Normally I try to avoid going to the second class, but Briana had the room aired out really well (thank god). 

I’m noticing that I’m having a run of emotionally “easy” classes that have been super physically challenging.  Before, I was having many classes that were emotional torture but strong physically.  I don’t get it.  These days I feel like my legs are weak or wobbly and incapable of holding me up.  It sorta makes the balancing series suck. 

This is a short post – not much else to say.  Didn’t go to class today (Friday) but I’ll be hitting the 4pm with Gerdette.  I can’t wait – haven’t been in one of her classes in forever. 

Go Go Saturday.


One response to “Class #49, 5/24/2012

  1. Oh yes, the super juicy class! Those can be fine and also wipe me out. I’m glad you’re having a good streak! I think I’m emotionally ok in class, but having a rough time physically now. Enjoy your Sat. 4:00 class. I’m hitting the 9!

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