Class #48, 5/23/2012

I had a kick-ass class today.  We even ended in applause, which I think we should be doing every single time we make it through a class.  This was one of those WOO!  YEAH!  classes. 

I went in well-hydrated, well-rested, and with an empty tummy (I ate 4 hours prior to class, which seems to be my sweet spot).  With all the appropriate readiness, I was waiting for the class to suck (because sometimes the Universe has a sense of humor that differs from my own).  My only hiccup was that I couldn’t catch my breath during the standing series.  All things considered, it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.

First thing I walked up to the studio where two gals were waiting outside.  They professed to be newbies and started the questioning process.  It was kind of awesome!  First thing I said was to take it easy and lay down when needed.  I told them that the heat really fucks with your head – and that’s to be expected.  Sip your water, don’t gulp.  Be prepared to sweat bullets.  Stay in the room.  They had lots of good questions and did a FANTASTIC job – both with the poses and with taking care of themselves. 

Jenny was teaching, and she’s so great with the newbies (and the rest of us).  I just can’t say enough awesome things about her.  Plus, she’s generous with the fans.  Bless her.

Other noticings:  I drank my entire water in class today (1L).  I *never* drink that much in class.  I usually bring my liter bottle of ice water, drink 1/4 in class and then the rest on the way home.  I must have been a thirsty birdy in there, and part of me wonders if this is at all related to the feeling of not catching my breath.  Hmm.


Pranayama Breathing:  Couldn’t catch my breath – was sneaking air in like a naughty girl.  It was freaking me out a little.

Half Moon:  My half moons are getting better.  I’m not getting the “crunch” feeling on my compressed side anymore.  I’m thinking ahead about keeping my hips and shoulders in one line as I go down initially, which really is helping with the stretch/compression part.  And my backbend is getting really satisfying!  I’m not at 90 degrees yet, but today I really felt my lower back release.  I dipped down enough that sweat was rolling into my eyes from my cheeks and not from my forehead.  It’s happening!

Standing Forehead to Knee:  I’m getting closer and closer to not needing my towel to grab my foot.  I tried it without the towel, but then my knee is cocked out to the side pretty significantly (because it has to go around my belly).  I struggle with knowing what’s right:  I’ve got better form when I use the towel, but am I really “trying the right way?”  Dunno.

Standing Bow:  While I’m super proud that I can reach my own feet and can stretch forward, I’m not making any further progress.  I fall out over and over and just keep getting back in.  I don’t know if the issue is in my standing leg or in the kicking leg and stretching forward part. 

Balancing Stick:  My balancing stick is improving.  I can tell I’m doing a decent job on this one.  It’s just so exhausting.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching:  This one is so intense.  My left hamstring has felt a little weak and angry lately, so it’s not been as deep over the last few classes.

Triangle:  Whew!  Felt good today.  Very slowly building strength here.

Tree:  I’m having trouble with tree lately.  My foot keeps slipping out even though I use a towel to hold it.  My leg resists being up there so much that my hand can’t overcome and hold it there for the entire pose.  WTH?

Dead Body:  I’m pretty much a champion at this – maybe not in form, but I am still and present. 

Cobra:  My cobra is getting good.  I’m really feeling it now.

Full Locust:  My thoughts before about preparing my legs like cobra before flying were correct on this second attempt.  Thighs up, flying!

I think that’s it.  Going to hit the 6:30 w/ Brianna tomorrow night. 


3 responses to “Class #48, 5/23/2012

  1. I’m still struggling with bringing my body down further in standing bow, but here’s a tip from one of my old teachers at Chicago’s Bikram Yoga Andersonville that really helped me stay in the pose for longer than a second or two. Before you start to go down, make sure your grip on your ankle is strong, get your toe pointed and start to kick back and up just like in bow pose. Once you’ve engaged and your leg has started to kick, it dramatically improves your ability to ‘hinge’ and go forward without wobbling. You might have to work at it a few classes to get the right feel, but it really does help!

  2. “I struggle with knowing what’s right: I’ve got better form when I use the towel, but am I really ‘trying the right way?'”

    If it helps any, they have hand towels at headquarters so clearly it’s not completely verboten. I think the resistance to hand towels is mostly worry about it becoming a prop/crutch. So, just don’t let it do that–keep trying to get rid of it, and in the meantime use it to help you try the right way (i.e. follow the dialogue). Best of luck!

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