Class #47, 5/18/2012

Dear god I’m tired.  Today’s class was brutal for me.  It was wicked effing hot in there and exceptionally juicy.  I admit, I spent the day trying to come up with a good enough excuse to miss class.  But the fact that I hadn’t been for a week kept me from taking any of them to heart.  So to class I went.

I placed my mat right under a fan, because I had a feeling I’d need it.  The Universe, however, had other plans because the teacher didn’t turn on the fans during the entire class.  I telepathically willing, pleading, demanding that she turn them on, but no.  No fans.  I had sadface the entire time, and was struggling quite a bit during the floor series.  I kept thinking “I have to get out of here.”  “Why aren’t the goddamned fans on?”  “Really?  Not even for Camel?  No fans???”  I was a little preoccupied! 

Plus, during the standing series (particularly during Standing Separate Leg Stretching) I actually thought I was going to throw up.  There was that distinct moment of trying to hold it in and that was a little scary.  That’s when I decided to lay down and breathe it out.  I’ve never truly almost vomited in class.  Uncool, stomach. 

What else.  Pranayama Breathing actually felt good tonight.  I held my Eagle for longer than I have in a very long time.  I got a call-out on my Balancing Stick, which was awesome (and I immediately fell out, ha). 

OH!  I had a breakthrough on my Full Locust!!!  I realized that if I go ahead and make my legs super concrete, knees up off the floor, butt tight (like in Cobra) before I go up, then somehow my thighs stay off the floor for the entire time with no struggling.  WTF?  How have I not done this before?  I was FLYING!!!  Felt amazing.

What else…  Honestly, I didn’t do much else on the floor because of the NO FAN situation (pouty).  I was fighting to stay in the room so I pretty much just perfected my Dead Body Pose tonight. 

And now I collapse.  Ahhhhhhhhh. 

6 responses to “Class #47, 5/18/2012

  1. Oh how I sympathize! You can’t know how many times we are told we can’t control the room, the only thing er can control is our breath! For a control freak, such as I, not being able to will the teacher to open the windows and/or the door is…OH SO FRUSTRATING! But I love what I’m learning – surrender – trust her to “have it” – trust the process. Love your blog! I write my own. Here’s my link. Today my instructor made me relocate to the center of the room! Left my wall! Aghh……

  2. You would think our telepathic abilities would improve as a result of this yoga! You had a rough class, but you survived. Here’s hoping the next one is better.

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