Classes 45 & 46, 5/9 & 5/10/2012

Yesterday’s class was my first class with a male teacher (Bob).  I must admit that I had certain thoughts about how it was going to be:  tougher, more hard-assed, less supportive.  I’m not sure where those thoughts came from.  Is it possible that I’m sexist?  I hope not.

Anyway, Bob’s class was AWESOME.  He was funny and encouraging and made me laugh more than a few times.  Personally, I think we need a lot more laughter in the hot room.  I got some great tips on Pranayama Breathing (press down from the medial aspect of my heels for better balance and alignment) and on … something else which escapes me now.  It was a really terrific class.  It was at noon, which is a different time of day for me – typically I’m an evening class-goer.  I only knew one person there (another teacher), so I guess we’re all creatures of habit.

Today’s class was just awful.  For me, I mean.  The conditions were great, the teacher (Briana) was great, the energy was great… I just couldn’t find my happy place.  I was nursing some discomfort in my hip/butt/lower back on my left side (fucking again) and everything was causing me pain.  I had hoped that the hot room would make me feel better and stretch out whatever happened to be pissed.  No such luck.  I spent the class getting deeper and deeper into a painful, unhappy place.  Dead Body Pose hurt the worst for some reason, and rolling over for floor poses was causing tons of discomfort.  I dug deep for Camel, hoping that a really good back bend would give me some healing, but as I sit here I’m still worse off than I was before class.  My stuff is angry.

I probably won’t be in class again until Wednesday.  Tomorrow I’ve got plans that interfere with all class times, and Saturday has me picking up an extra shift at work.  So Wednesday it is.  I’m going to try and hit three classes next week.  I’d like to commit to four, but I know that three is still pretty good.

I laid the groundwork with my supervisor to do a challenge this summer (or maybe later in the year, when we have enough staff to handle it).  I told her that 30 days would be great, but I’d really rather do 60 if we can swing it.  Part of me wants to wait until Fall, so the weather will be cooler and I will have greater incentive to go.  I tend to fall apart during the summer, though I’m wondering how all this Bikram has changed my internal heat-misery setting.  We’ll find out soon enough.

My burn has healed and closed up as of this past Monday!!!  It looks awful but it’s pain and ooze free, which makes classes so much easier.  I got to have my first bubble bath in seven weeks.  It was truly delightful.

On that relaxing note, I’m off to bed.  Sore, but still glad I went.

3 responses to “Classes 45 & 46, 5/9 & 5/10/2012

  1. We have a few males teachers, one of whom is not only an amazing instructor, but also flat out gorgeous. I find I either spend the class loving his totally awesomesauce teaching style and always spot-on corrections and totally rock it out… or I start trying to show off for the hawt teacher and inevitably crash and burn. Bad kerryalina!

    Incidentally, the worst part is that although the situation leads to much hilarity, I can’t even write about it… because my studio found (and promoted) my blog and then everyone figured out who I was! I had to go back through my archives and make sure I hadn’t said anything about any specific teachers o_O

  2. I love that you are acknowledging all your feelings – it’s amazing what comes up/out in class, and how this practice sets a pattern of change in motion. The trouble with change is that it’s different (duh!), and sometimes that’s hard to take.
    My husband teases me sometimes that life gets in the way of the yoga when I try to do too many classes in a week, or get really hung up on getting to the studio – it’s tricky getting a balance, especially for me with family. Good luck!

  3. So nice to hear about the struggles you have. Although I am early on in my challenge (day eight is this morning), I feel like I have been hit by a train. Thanks for sharing the rough spots!

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