Class #44, 5/4/2012

It was a crazy class tonight.

Our studio has had some problems with the heating system in the last month.  Apparently there have been some “chilly” classes while the system gets sorted out and fixed, and some classes have been cancelled altogether.

I came in, was sitting with the studio owner, waiting to start class and chit-chatting.  She was talking about how the brand new furnace and heating system were installed this morning and how relieved she was.  Naturally, we walk into the room 15 minutes later and it’s… well it’s warm (maybe 85-90 degrees), but it’s not hot (the usual 105).  I can only imagine how her heart must have broken because she just bought the studio.

And here’s where I get to see the reactions of my fellow yogis.  It’s fascinating.  I think of yoga classes as being filled with compassionate, patient, understanding people who accept whatever is handed to them with grace.  At least while we’re at the studio, that is.  That image was shattered tonight.

Now, personally, I was enjoying the fact that I wasn’t near death’s door for 90 minutes.  I thought it was GREAT.  I think we should have MORE classes like this.  Bikram Lite?  I’d sign right-the-hell up for those classes.

Yeah, yeah, the heat helps to stretch, keeps ya from hurting yourself, blah blah blah.  I was sweating my balls off in there, so I know my muscles were warm.  I’m not saying I’ll give up Bikram for a cooler heated yoga, I’m just saying it’s not the end of the world if the heat isn’t up to snuff.  IN FACT, I’d say it gives the room something entirely different to think about:  Maybe you can’t be a rockstar yogi and do all the poses super deep.  Maybe you have to think about reigning yourself in.  Maybe that’s Today’s Challenge.

What was I saying… oh right.  Yogis.  We had a dude who interrupted class tonight by walking from his mat, to the front of the room, to have a conversation with the teacher about how the room wasn’t hot enough.  I couldn’t believe it.  He seemed really frustrated by the lack of normal heat.  And sure, I can understand some of it:  He’s paying for the classand thus has an expectation of certain standards.  I get it.  But really, it’s not like the studio owner doesn’t want to get the problem fixed.  She was in the room with us, horrified.  My thoughts were:  Yeah, we all know it’s not the normal temp in here.  Let’s rock this class anyway!

And I did.  The lack of intense-brain-deafening heat made it so I could last longer, do more, and really listen to the teacher.  I made adjustments that changed some of the poses for me, and I had the energy during the floor poses to realllllly dig deep. I hope I can take this experience with the cooler temp and find a way to have a happy reunion with the heat when I hit class again tomorrow.  Like coming home from vacation.  I’ll be able to take what I learned, what I heard, and use it when I’m back in hell.

I thought it was amazing and wonderful experience.  Exactly the class I needed today.


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