Bedtime Thoughts

As I was laying in bed last night, it occurred to me that I have the PERFECT room for home-bikram-ing.  I can’t believe its been there this whole time.  Now, I never ever want to stop going to my home studio, but my 12-hour work days make an official challenge impossible.  I was thinking before that I could try and heat my living room, but I doubt it would ever get up to temp.  THEN, amidst pre-slumber thoughts, I realized that I have a perfectly-sized one-person yoga room in the form of a pantry that I use for storage.

So, NEW GOAL:  I will go through my crap, give away what I don’t need, open and clean that room, hang a mirror, get a space heater and humidifier, and I’ll be able to do class on days I can’t get to the studio.

Knowing me, this will probably never happen.  But maybe.


Burn Update:  My leg looks GREAT.  After five days of antibiotics I’m seeing some amazingly healthy tissue and it’s no longer a deep wound.  Sure, it still hurts, but it hurts much less than it did last week.  I’m proud of my leg for doing such a good job and I’m thankful for antibiotics.

Class tonight!!!

2 responses to “Bedtime Thoughts

  1. Brilliant idea, do it & do it now!!! Your own private yoga room would be awesome. Make sure you have some good ventilation though, still need some fresh circulation :-)

  2. I too suffer from the big belly (I am 50 to 80 lbs overweight depending on what size jeans I’d like to fit into). My modification on this pose, which my studio’s teachers support is to cock my knee out to the side away from my belly while grabbing my leg. I’m still looking at my locked knee in the mirror and i’m still meeting my foot halfway, but instead of reaching out and over my knee, I sort of grab my foot like I would for tree pose. Then I correct my grip and kick out. With this modification of the first step, I can kick out and hold the pose for up to 20 seconds. I’m pulling my toes back and starting to bend over my knee too. The only place that is a problem is the belly at the beginning. Sure it doesn’t look pretty when I start but when I am looking in the mirror with both knees locked, my legs in a perfect L, it makes it worth it. And since I see no possible way to do the pose right (without a prop, like a towel), I’d just never be able to progress without this modification until the belly disappears. I’ll say this too, I’ve never seen anyone at my studio use any kind of prop in class. Obviously, your studio is fine with it. Anyway, solidarity big bellied sister!! I feel you on this struggle. I just figured I’d share how I get around that issue. I hope I didn’t come off preachy or anything!

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