First things first:  A huge CONGRATS to Bikram Butterflies for completing her 60-day challenge.  Sixty classes in seventy days.  It’s been such an amazing ride on this side, watching the successes and challenges, both mental and physical, while she kicks her own ass into shape.  I’m so proud!!!

While she was tearing it up, I skipped an entire week of yoga.  Mainly due to the pain in my leg from the burn, which is now infected.  After a month of taking really good care of it, the pain was increasing and there was some greenish material on top.  I hit the doc on Friday and she said we needed to start antibiotics, so that’s where I am.  The antibiotics will likely make the pain go away (or at least go back to tolerable), so I’m hoping that by the time Wednesday comes around, I’ll be able to get back in the hot room.

I’ve been getting my bikram fix from reading other peoples blogs, but I really miss being in the room with my fellow yogis.

Lots of thinking going on over here.  Like:

  • How can I make it to yoga more regularly?  Back in January, I was going 5-6 times per week, and now I’m going 1-3, and they’re usually smushed together.  My schedule over the last few months has left me only Thursday, Friday and Saturday for yoga days, and sometimes I don’t want to practice all three days.  But if I don’t, there’s no other day to make it up… so I try to smush it and get burned out and tired over my weekend off from work.  It’s hard.  I need to figure out a way to balance the yoga with my workweek (which means I need to speak to my supervisor about accommodating the schedule at my studio, which makes me feel awkward and undeserving).
  • Why do I feel like shit?  I’ve been feeling like crap physically this month – is it because of this burn?  How much of my bodily energy can I attribute to healing and fighting off infection.  Curious.
  • Why is my brain so dysfunctional?  Why can I know that yoga helps, yet still make excuses not to go?  I guess that’s a post all its own, and for now it’s just touching me and feeling super sensitive. I want this to be a positive place of growth and healing and cheerleading, bu the road to getting there is a bit bumpy I’m finding.  It seems there are endless ways in which my body and mind want to sabotage any growth or forward motion.  Why is that?

Lots of stuff.  For now, I will revel in other peoples success.  YAY OTHER PEOPLE!


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