Class #38, 4/5/2012


As I’ve said before, I have felt close to being able to execute the full expression of camel, but out of fear haven’t been able to do it.  I’ve tried putting one hand down only to realize that I couldn’t find my other foot.  So during my last class, I asked Kelly to help me find my other foot.

When camel time came around, I found myself getting nervous.  Of course, I trust Kelly though, so I knew I’d be safe and wouldn’t fall to my death or anything.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the lack of willingness in my body.  My arm didn’t want to rotate, I couldn’t open my chest enough.  It was actually a bit of a struggle for Kelly to get my hand to my foot in the right position.  For second set she had me open my legs a bit wider, but once we got there… I pushed my belly forward, relaxed my head back and found absolute bliss and exhilaration in such a deep backbend.

It felt wonderful.

And then, after doing that twice in a row, I couldn’t catch my breath.  I’ve felt a range of things after doing camel (even only doing it half way)… dizziness, faintness, tearful, overwhelmed, happy.  But this time it was all of those things times a thousand.  I was panting.  I couldn’t control my breathing no matter how hard I tried.  I stayed on the floor through rabbit and at the beginning of the next pose is when the blackness started to creep in.  I stood up long enough to get on the other side of the door and that’s where I collapsed.  I’ve never been that close to fainting before, so I threw myself into dead body pose and laid there (still panting) for probably 5-7 minutes before deciding to go back in for spine twist.  I felt rubbery and woosey and overwhelmed but I wanted to finish the class.

Needless to say, it was all very intense.  I will attempt camel again tonight when I go to class, and hopefully it will go well.  I’m cutting myself some slack for leaving the room.  I worked hard for that cool air.  :-)

As for the rest of the class… it was good.  Planning on hitting the 6:30 tonight after getting out of work.  Going to try to hit 4 classes this week.  That’s my goal.  FINGERS CROSSED.

One response to “Class #38, 4/5/2012

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! (Not for the collapsing bit, though. That bit sounds suckworthy). It’s really interesting – I was fine when I first started doing Camel, but when my Half Moon backbends starting regularly getting really deep, I had the exact same reaction as you ( I don’t know if it’s physiological or psychological though. Maybe we’re just so PUMPED to be doing it that we get slammed with adrenaline :)

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