Class #37, 4/3/2012

Great class with Julie last night.  I adore her.  She has this magical instinct about how to keep things at perfect Bikram weather in the room.  I don’t know how she does it while still teaching a class.

Got to see Kelly!!!  *waves*  It’s been so very long and I got to practice with her standing in front of me.  What a source of inspiration.

The burn did okay in class.  The tegaderm and sweat-proof (well, somewhat sweat-proof) tape did the trick.  The bandage stayed in place and I had zero pain.  Yes!


Standing Deep Breathing:  I had this feeling that I looked pretty in the mirror when we started last night.  My shoulders are starting to look so square.  I am a badass.

Awkward Pose: 
Fucking awkward.  I swear.  I’m awesome at part 2.  I get all the way up on my toesies, my knees are in the air, my thighs are shaking a little (so I know I’m working hard), my  hips are in the chair… all good things.  But parts 1 and 3 suck for me.  Something about standing with my heels invisible behind my toes makes my feet cramp like crazy.  Painful, thought-encompassing cramps.  So, I’ve been doing part 1 (with cramps), then part 2 (like a rockstar) and then skipping part 3 while keeping my arms up in the air.

Also, it took me forever to be able to keep my arms up for all three parts without cheating.  I feel good about that even if I can’t do the third part.

Eagle:  I really dislike Eagle because I can’t do it.  I look at everyone twisting like ropes and I simply don’t understand why my arms won’t intertwine.  I know why my legs won’t intertwine – my thighs are too big and bulky.  But WTF is up with my arms?  TWIST, DAMN YOU!

Standing Head to Knee:  I was struggling with balance and lower back pain last night, so this pose was frustrating.  I have this thing I do where I count full seconds while the pose is starting, so I know how much longer I have to go.  I count and focus on my standing, locked knee.  I know that if I can just get to 35 seconds, I get to put my leg down.  I don’t think I made it past 20 seconds on either side last night.  Oh well.

Standing Bow:   Again, balance was off last night.  I keep reminding myself that I just have to get back into the poses no matter how many times I fall out.  But then I held left side, second set for TWELVE SECONDS.  That’s the most I’ve ever done.  It was magical.

Balancing Stick:   Left side good, right side bad.  WTF?

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose:  
Forehead was on the floor, bitches!  Elbows bent, hands locked on heels.  I am a champion!  Admittedly, I am not able to pull and stretch that deeply for the full allotted time.  Still. 

Triangle:   Oh, triangle was kicking my ass last night (as it does every night).  I had to stand-out the second set, which is an improvement from having to actually lay down during the second set.  I feel really good about that!

One thing that confuses me, though, is the whole elbow-in-front-of-the-knee thing.  In order to reach my fingers between my toes, my armpit is closer to my knee than my elbow.  I’m not sure if this is a real problem or not, or if it’s just because I’m short (therefore my limbs are short).  Thoughts?

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose:  I do this one knowing I’m not doing a great job of it.  But I’m trying, and at least I have that. 

Tree:  I was struggling with tree last night because I was so tired by the time it came around.  Plus, I still can’t get my sole to face out.  Sure, it’s more rotated than it was when I started, so maybe there’s still hope, but I’d like it to be farther along now.

Toe Stand:  I had to sit out toe stand so I could tend to my burn bandage, which was trying to sweat itself off a little. 

Wind Removing:  As my stomach loses inches, this pose is getting easier.  Getting there.

Cobra:  I loved cobra last night.  Felt good, killed myself, then came out nice and controlled.  Coming out controlled is my favorite part.  Watching Brandy Winfield (dad, watch that) come out of poses, especially Rabbit, is the most beautiful thing ever… she’s my inspiration for staying mindful when I really just want to collapse. 

Locust:  Still can only do the first part because I can’t get my elbows under my belly.  But I can feel them inching under slowly but surely.  I will make it there someday!

Full Locust:  
This felt wonderful last night.

Floor Bow:  
Still can’t get both feet in my hands, but at least I can grab one.  I feel like maybe I could do it if someone were to put my other foot in my hand.  Maybe I’ll ask the teacher of the next class I attend.

Fixed Firm:   Sat this one out because I still can’t sit on my knees and put pressure on my burn.  I enjoyed an nice savasana instead! 

Half Tortoise:   This and rabbit give me low self esteem.  Belly too big.  Gets in way.

Camel:   Felt gooooooodddddd.  Love Camel now.  Still can’t grab both feet.  See Floor Bow.

Rabbit: Meh.  Skipped.

Head to Knee Pose and Stretching Pose:   I’m doing so much better on this one.  I can’t believe that I can wrap my hands around my feet now.  Fingers aren’t locked, but just getting them to my feet makes me feel like a champ.

Spine Twisting:   I feel weird about spine twist.  I can’t get my legs in the right position because my thighs are too bulky.  And I can’t tell if my spine is straight while I’m twisting.  I think I may be hunched a bit trying to stay upright.  Not sure.

Blowing In Firm:   My belly has lost enough inches that I can see it snapping now instead of just watching my whole midsection jiggle.  Hooray!


3 responses to “Class #37, 4/3/2012

  1. Thoughts on Triangle! Sit on a chair and rest one of your ankles on the opposite knee (AKA the classic “cool guy” pose). Flex your toes back so your foot is flat. Now try measuring your forearm against your shin, elbow to the knee, fingers at your toes. Chances are they’re going to be about the same length :)

    If you have to lean waaaaay over to get your fingers to the floor, it means your hips aren’t low enough. Keep working on that bounce to get further down… it’ll happen eventually!

  2. You were totally right, by the way. I wasn’t getting down low enough. I *can* get down low enough, but apparently I’ve been slacking. So during my last class (which I’ve yet to post about) I did a proper triangle! You saved it!!

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