Burn, Baby, Burn

I’m behind on posting because I’ve been behind on practicing. 

Almost two weeks ago I burned the shit out of my leg on a motorcycle (hot tail pipe + bare skin = frowny face).  Turns out it was between a 2nd and 3rd degree burn.  I went to class the first few days, while it was still just a giant (surprisingly intact) blister. 

But last Saturday, during class, the blister broke.  I’d already babied this very fragile, very large (3″ across!) blister through three classes… so I felt confident things would be okay.   But there I was, second-to-last pose in the series – my blister rubbed against my shorts and tore open, pouring out some blister goo, and letting in sweat.  OWIEOWIEOWIE!!!!!  It pretty much sucked. 

So, since then, I haven’t been to class.  The burn has been so angry, so raw and open, and so very painful that I couldn’t bear to go to class.  I even missed work because I couldn’t stand walking/standing.  Not to mention that the pain isn’t limited to just the burned area – my entire leg up to my mid-thigh has been super painful, throbbing, aching and generally unhappy.  So much so that I called my doc for some pain pills (PERCOCET FOR THE WIN). 

BUT.  I’m missing my time in the room.  I’ve decided that tomorrow’s the day.  I’ve purchased some tegaderm, which promises to keep water out of the wound even while swimming and showering.  We’ll see how it does when I’m sweating.  I also brought some sweat-proof tape to put around the edges of the dressing just in case. 

I’ve got to get back to my yoga.  My life, my brain, and my emotions (especially those) are missing it. 

Fingers crossed.

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