What is WRONG with me?

Ugh.  I had planned to go to class on Wednesday night after work.  I napped instead (having had a rough week and feeling exhausted).  Thursday?  Was utterly hungover from activities on Wednesday night, which meant I barely left my couch.  Friday?  No excuses.  I just didn’t go.  I planned to go.  I got my stuff ready and set up to go.  But when the time came?  I didn’t get in the car. 

I’m feeling so disappointed in myself.  I don’t know what’s going on.  I can say it’s my work schedule.  I can say it’s because my social life seems to be booming at the moment.  But I know I’m just not taking the time.  And I’m really suffering for it!  My mind is mushy, tired, cranky, irritable.  My body feels pretty much the same way. 

Maybe it’s because I don’t have any actual goal set regarding my practice.  Back when I had a plan, I was doing my best to stick to it.  Now I’m just free falling and the desire to get to class has waned.  Meep!

Tomorrow is Saturday.  I always try and hit the 4pm.  I MUST GO.  I will HATE myself if I don’t get to a class this week.  And I need to set a new goal.

Food for thought tonight.  Tomorrow I let Bikram kick my ass.

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