Class #33, 3/7/2012

Well, I went.  Didn’t wanna, but I went.

I spent the 30 min before class (after I picked my spot and set it up) talking with a couple of the regulars.  It seemed we all had a bit of avoidance going on – none of us went into the hot room until the teacher was coming down the hall.  Usually we’re all in there 15 min before hand acclimating and getting ready.

It was an interesting class for me.  I’d read something recently about only focusing on each posture as it comes and being completely still in between.  I’m never still.  I fidget, I rub my aching feet or arch my back to take some pressure off my lower spine.  I wiggle my hands or adjust my top.  So this time I decided I was going to work hard on taking it one posture at a time with stillness in between.

It was harder than I thought, but it also made the class easier mentally.  I killed myself during a posture, then stood still and breathed.  I ignored my sports bra sliding down.  I ignored my tank top riding up.  Being still was like a revelation for me!  It changed how I felt through the entire class.  It really felt like a meditation… every few minutes I would come back to my breath letting everything else go – the previous posture, how I felt about myself, how I looked, what was coming next, whether I’d be able to do it, how much my back or feet were hurting…  It was grand.

It ended up being a much better class than I’d expected it to be.  I went in expecting to really struggle emotionally and physically.

Now I’m feeling guilty because while I was off Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I didn’t go to a class on ANY of those days.  I pretty much stayed a pile of goo on my couch for 72 hours.  Part of me knows that I needed it, but I also know how good for me it would have been to go to yoga.

Oh well.  A new yoga week starts on Wednesday.

3 responses to “Class #33, 3/7/2012

  1. Oh dear god, I wish I could do this. I spend every class constantly adjusting my outfit, straightening my plaits or bending forwards to put my hands on my thighs and gasp for breath dramatically. (It’s more fun if you do it dramatically). I always firmly set my intention to be still between asanas… and it lasts right up until the teacher walks into the room :\

  2. OMG. You and I are going to be transcontinental besties.

    Also, it’s one thing for the “pros” to be able to stand still between poses, but you know what REALLY pisses me off? The people who aren’t sweating! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE???

    Yeah. Staying still is a bitch.

    • Oh dear god, I didn’t even see this reply. Bad kerryalina!

      I just tell myself they’re obviously dehydrated. I mean, if they were drinking as much water as they’re supposed to throughout the day, then they’d be sweating GALLONS, right? RIght???

      Or maybe I’m just bitter because I was talking to a teacher one day and she said “Yeah, you’re just like me. I sweat like a man.”

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