Class #32, 2/25/2012

Totally forgot to write about my last class (on Saturday).  It was a rough one.  I’d had waaaaaay too much beer and chinese food the previous evening and I went in feeling like crap.  My tummy tried to tell me not to go to class but I went anyway – and looking back, I should have listened to my tum.

Often in class I will start to see the darkness coming in at the edge of my vision.  Usually it happens when I’m working super hard (Balancing Stick, 2nd set of Triangle, Camel, and the final breathing exercise) but during this class it was happening all the time.  So I ended up laying down during about 50% of the class.

I’m still glad I went even though it was super difficult to get through.  Plus I got to chit-chat with Gerdette and some of the regulars, which is always a pleasure.

Looks like I’m only getting in the hot room twice this week, but that’s okay.  Two classes are way better than none.

I’m starting to really see significant changes in my body shape, which is AWESOME.  I’m going to have to get smaller work clothes soon!




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