Class #31, 2/24/2012

My body is really opening up to this yoga.  The progress I’ve made just blows me away.  I had both an exhausting class and an exciting class last night.  It was my 2nd in two days and I was feeling super sore when I went in (after working it hard the night before).

Exciting moment:  During Standing Separate Leg Stretching I actually got my head to the floor and stayed there.  I was pulling and stretching and lengthening and then all of the sudden – my head was on the floor.  My stance was exactly what it should be (i.e., not doing the splits *just* to get my head to the floor) and there it was.  I wanted to jump up and down after the pose was over because I was so proud of myself!!!  Whew!  Another goal met.

I’ve been trying to smile at myself in the mirror when I get frustrated.  When I can’t reach my foot for Standing Bow, or when I fall out of Balancing Stick.  I stand up and smile at myself.  Before, I would look at the floor, clench my fists, and slip down into the shame spiral.  The smiling at myself (which feels weird, I must admit) seems to help me take a moment for myself, and then get back into the posture as quickly as possible.  Whatever it is, it’s working for me.

I’m sore and tired today but I promised myself I’d do three in a row this week (often I will do two out of three on Thursday, Friday & Saturday).  I’ll be hitting the 4pm w/ Gerdette.  Despite the stiffness and soreness, I’m looking forward to getting into that hot room and melting a bit.  Ahhhh.

Happy Saturday.

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