Class #30, 2/23/2012

Thirty classes in seventy days!  I can’t believe I’m averaging a class every other day.  I’m so proud of me.

Tonight’s class was great.  Usually I take my Thursday night classes w/ Julie but as a special surprise Gerdette was there to teach.  It’s always so nice to see her.  She’s super encouraging and generally wonderful.

I pretty much didn’t want to go and was making up feasible excuses for myself starting three hours before class.  So I told myself to shut the hell up and quit my bitching… and then went to class like a Big Girl.  Of course it was totally worth it.

Great poses tonight with lots of extra depth.  I did the right-sided compression poses tonight as usual because my back hasn’t been bothering me.  So far so good.  Hopefully the night doesn’t bring pain.

We had three new girls in there tonight and they did GREAT!  I love witnessing peoples’ first classes.  It’s awesome to see the strength and willpower come out.  Not to mention the joy on their faces when they finally get to leave the room.  Ahhhh.

Standing Deep Breathing:  This went the best it’s ever gone tonight.  Felt good, kept my tummy tight, lots of air moving in and out of my lungs.  Awesome.

Awkward Pose:  Feet cramps.  BLEEPING FEET CRAMPS.  So frustrating.  But in the meantime, I’m practicing keeping my arms up for all three poses even if I can’t do the lower half due to the feet issues.

Eagle:  I do the best I can.  No real changes.  No further depth to this pose for me.  I need to lose several inches of fat on my arms, legs and through the chest before this pose will look anything like it’s supposed to.  Ugh.

Standing Head to Knee:  Still modifying.  Need to lose much of my belly before moving on to the next part of this pose, so for now I work on balance and strength in my standing leg.

Standing Bow:   I worked hard on this pose tonight, despite falling out over and over.  I read something yesterday that said “it doesn’t matter how many times you fall out of the pose, it only matters how many times you get back in.”  So that’s what was on my mind when doing standing bow – no matter what, keep getting back in.

Balancing Stick: I’m usually pretty damned tired by the time we get here.  My back is talking, my legs are beat, my arms don’t want to be above my head anymore.  Some days are good, some days less so.  Today was somewhere in the middle.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose:  I felt GREAT in this pose tonight.  I got some really intense stretching and pulled farther than I have.  I’m getting there.

Triangle:  I’m doing great at getting through both sets and that makes me really happy.  It’s so challenging.

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose:  Even if I’m too tired after triangle, I no longer have to lay down.  I can at least stand through one set of this pose and get in for the second half.  That’s what I did today and it was fab.

Tree:  Man, by the time I’m getting to tree these days I’m EXHAUSTED.  Back when I was skipping triangle and/or standing separate leg I had time to rest and recover for tree.  Now my legs are shaking, my balance is off and I’m just praying to get on the floor.

Wind Removing:  For the first time ever, I finally got a good grip around my knees!  No more modifying (except for the two-knee hold).  Progress.

Cobra: Same.  Feels good.

Locust: Same hurdles.

Full Locust: This one kicked my ass tonight.  I had to convince myself to do the second set.

Floor Bow:   Still can’t reach both my feet – only one at a time.  Talked to Gerdette about this and she said to do one set holding my right foot and one set holding my left.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

Fixed Firm:  Couldn’t get very deep in this one tonight.  My knees and thighs felt tight.

Half Tortoise:  This is getting better, but my butt is SO far away from my feet.

Camel:   I promised myself that tonight I was going to GO FOR CAMEL.  Usually I do the pose half way, so tonight I decided I would reach back and grab my feet.  The time came, I arched my back, prepared myself, and then reached down with my right hand to find my right foot.  Success!  So I reached back with my left hand for my left foot and… where’d it go?  No left foot.  Couldn’t find it, couldn’t feel for it, just ended up flailing my left hand like an idiot.  Still:  progress.

Rabbit: Dude, I totally skipped rabbit tonight.  I was dying.

Head to Knee Pose and Stretching Pose:  I got BOTH HANDS around my feet tonight without using a towel.  WOO!

Spine Twisting: Still working on this one.

I’m exhausted.  Going again tomorrow.  And Saturday.  That’s the goal.

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